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can't remember movie title or actors ....Anyone Know this Movie from a Few Plot Details?

think it was a heist of an American Indian casino, maybe in Alaska
seemed the guy had to do it to pay off a mobster who lived on a boat because he wasn't allowed to come ashore or he would be arrested or something
the guy trying to pull the heist was getting a job(maybe) from the people who ran the casino, so they made him go on one of those 'soul finding missions' by taking peyote and wandering the woods
there was a female cop on his tail who always said a lot of idioms but would say them wrong, like mix two of them together into one .... an example might be something like(but this likely isn't a quote from the movie) 'don't burn that bridge until you cross it' instead of 'wait to cross that bridge till when you get to it' and/or 'don't burn your bridges'
it likely was made in the 80s or 90s, maybe early 2000 at the its been a long time since I saw it, so might have details wrong or mixed with another movie
thanks for any guesses ....this has been bugging me for years
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[TOMT][MOVIE][80s, 90s, or early 2000 at the latest]...Heist of an American Indian Casino

maybe in Alaska?
seemed the guy had to do it to pay off a mobster who lived on a boat because he wasn't allowed to come ashore or he would be arrested or something
the guy trying to pull the heist was getting a job(maybe) from the people who ran the casino, so they made him go on one of those 'soul finding missions' by taking peyote and wandering the woods
there was a female cop on his tail who always said a lot of idioms but would say them wrong, like mix two of them together into one .... an example might be something like(but this likely isn't a quote from the movie) 'don't burn that bridge until you cross it' instead of 'wait to cross that bridge till when you get to it' and/or 'don't burn your bridges'

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Words from Perry Mason (Ep 1 - 4)

I've incorporated some of these words and expressions into my own vocabulary. I'll do Ep 5 - 8 this week and next.
I hope you enjoy this list!

Ptomaine Tommy’s - any of various organic bases which are formed by the action of putrefactive bacteria on nitrogenous matter and some of which are poisonous
Name of restaurant in which Perry and Petty Strickland meet for tracking the comedian Chubby Carmichael
Ep 1 3:11

hammer and tongs - with great force, vigor, or violence
Perry: “What about the police?”
Baggerly: “How’s that?”
Perry: “Well, they’ll be on this hammer and tongs. Why not leave it to them?”
Ep 1 20:48

roll (the) bones - to cast dice
Sister Alice: “ … they are … rolling bones in the alley … “
Ep 2 3:06

shoeshine, jabber, and Aqua Velva - said about someone who is superficial, but a big talker (my personal definition)
Leticia James (woman arguing with husband): “You ain’t nothing but shoeshine, jabber, and Aqua Velva”
Ep 2 9:32

bucket of eels - multiple, thinly formed poop in a toilet bowl
E.B.: “Maynard, you have entirely a bucket of eels.”
Ep 2 15:35

coal burner - white women that have sex with black men only
Officer Drake: “… occasionally, you find a stiff coal burner, a tea head ..."
Ep 2 27:51

tea head - someone who smokes a lot of marijuana
Officer Drake: See quote under “coal burner”
Ep 2 27:53

Holy crow - a small reworking of “Holy cow” (“Holy cow” being a euphemism for “Holy Christ”)
Perry: “Holy crow, that’s our own number!”
Ep 2 31:41

bread loaf - a “delicious” man with money (my interpretation, a lot going on in this expression)
Bread as a religious symbol representing the body of Christ -
Bread meaning money -
Loaf referring to a person’s head (British slang) -
Birdy: “Well, he’s a bread loaf over six feet, isn’t he?”
Sister Alice: “He is a tall man, yes, mother."
Ep 2 34:35

dumber than a bag of hammers - extremely dumb
Meaning is pretty obvious, but included in this list for its color.
Office Drake’s wife: “You say, ‘Joe Morton dumber than a bag of hammers.’ “
Ep 2 40:18

last night’s eggs - old and no good (this phrase may be a creation of the writers)
E.B. - “He thinks I’m last night’s eggs.”
Ep 2 56:27

purple prose - prose text that is so extravagant, ornate, or flowery as to break the flow and draw excessive attention to itself
Maynard Barnes: “Gentlemen, gentlemen. I have here the purple prose of a written correspondence … "
Ep 3 0:38

clocked - to realize, to catch on, to notice
Lenny (bartender at casino): “You know, Mason, I never clocked you for much of a gambler."
Ep 3 28:09

flatfoot - a police officer, especially a foot-patrol officer
E.B. - “A jury is not gonna give two cents for what some negro flatfoot thinks about dead gangsters who got what was coming to them."
Ep 3 38:36

hush puppy - cornmeal dough shaped into small balls and fried in deep fat
Clara (Drake’s wife) - “Hell, every baby ass on this block dusted halfway to a hush puppy with that stuff."
Ep 3 40:15

peckerwood - a rural white southerner, usually poor, undereducated or otherwise ignorant and bigoted (the definition is especially interesting)
Clara (Drake’s wife) - “So if this peckerwood son of a bitch wants to keep our bellies full in exchange for you doing him a favor … "
Ep 3 41:39

conniption - a fit of rage, hysteria, or alarm
Pete Strickland - “Christ. Ruthie's gonna have a conniption."
Ep 3 49:09

gam - leg
Captain Cain (captain of the boat in a play at the church) - “Well, then show me them gams, girl!"
Ep 3 52:52

rube - an awkward, unsophisticated person; a naive or inexperienced person
Baggerly - “I won’t go on playing the rube.”
Ep 4 12:25

sylvan - abounding in woods, groves, or trees
Mr. Fogg (fellow tenant of Della and Hazel) - “Allow me to extol the sylvan virtues of Forest Lawn."
Ep 4 15:31

donkey dust - B.S.
E.B. - “The suicide note was donkey dust.”
Ep 4, 20:06
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Atari’s New ‘Atari Token’

Atari’s New ‘Atari Token’ In between its busy schedule failing to launch its VCS, Atari has also had a packed calendar full of other important tasks, like gambling, getting passed around between partners, and disappointing its parents. The Atari brand has been gutted and left to rot, with its parasitic occupants trying to find anything of value left in the acrid carcass of a brand once loved. It’s horribly sad to witness, but it’s our job as proud news reporters to cover even the most gruesome scenes.
In its latest class of “explaining English idioms for ESL learners,” Atari demonstrated what the phrase “grasping at straws” means for all its students. The company has launched its new Atari Chain cryptocurrency, which it bills as a “real” currency -- tokens, they’re called -- that have no intrinsic value in any use case except for Atari’s online casino. It’s like a worse version of an arcade, where you don’t want to play the games but you still have to use the fake money. The company literally calls it a “casino,” by the way, and we assume it also tagged the @SEC in its tweet announcing the cryptocurrency. Atari emphasizes that these are skill games, and also uses the phrase “innovative gambling games” to describe poker, roulette, and blackjack. Because these are so innovative, you’ve probably never heard of them before.
Atari also boasts “liquidity” in its description of the token, although it’s hard for us to believe that Atari knows anything about liquidity.
The company says that, quote, “our objective is to work on providing liquidity to token holders. We will work on listing the Atari Token on exchanges, enabling token holders to exchange them against other crypto-currencies.” Just like arcades from the 90s, trading tokens from one arcade to another isn’t what anyone would call “liquidity.”
The good news for Atari is that lots of people in the world want to launder their money, and we’ve heard it’s big business, so maybe they have an untapped audience that can use their Atari Chain token. Maybe try running some ads in known hideouts of the mob.
When you visit Atari’s website and click the “what can I do with Atari Token” drop-down, it states that the “long-term goal is to provide as many uses as possible. This obviously will take time.” If you’re wondering what the short-term goal is, we’d assume it’s to make as much money as possible before Atari gets shut down by the SEC.
That’s very compelling, Atari. We hope to continue following this story for when Atari demonstrates the next English idiom, “I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you.”
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OBLIGATORY FILLER MATERIAL – Just take a hard left at Daeseong-dong…11

That being handled, I leave a wakeup call for 0430 as I want a shower and a couple shower-sunrisers before we leave. It takes me about 10 minutes to pack. I call home to let Es know what’s going on. She’s not in, so I leave a message. Same for my friends Rack and Ruin of the Agency. They’re thrilled so far with my reports.
The security forces here are absolutely going to freak if they reverse-review my phone records once we leave.
Covert? Schmovert. I’m too old for playing such games.
The next morning, after a sudsy shower and a couple of vodka-infused shower-beers; I’m in the lobby with all my kit, checked-out, and waiting on the tour leader. My passport was stamp-stamp-stampity-stamped here at the hotel, which I thought was weird, but after spending time in this here country, not all that unusual.
At 0545 on the dime, the tour bus pulls into the lot. Without a word, bellhops grab near all my kit and escort it out to the waiting bus.
After tipping each extravagantly, I fire up a huge cigar, and wander around outside, loitering by the bus. I see members of my team at the front desk, checking out. Everything’s been paid for already, they just have to sign documents that they’re not secreting hotel towels or televisions or errant nationals in their luggage.
It’s a weird country.
I see them loading box breakfasts for us as well as box lunches on the bus.
Hell, they’re actually doing ‘field trip’ correctly.
If the bus us fueled up, we can go for days at this rate. There are several coolers bearing the hotel’s brand and I sidle over to see what they’re carrying.
Case after case of iced-down beer and a couple of cases of various high-octane potables; and over there? A couple of boxes of mixers…ah, soda…pop…carbonated citrusy goodness.
“OK”, I sigh, “All is as it should be. Now the field excursion may begin.”
My teammates filter outside as does their luggage. I suggest they get out and keep what is necessary for preliminary outcrop excursions; such as a backpack or knapsack, hammer, acid bottles, field notebooks, Brunton compass, lighters, cameras, personal tobacco products, and the like in the bus. That way, we don’t have to go tearing through all the luggage at every stop.
I pull out a bundle of 100 Hubco™ large geological dual-sample bags. That’s right: ‘dual’ sample…
I distribute these to everyone on the team. I ask that they devise their own numbering system and make absolutely certain I have a copy of it when we’re done. I’ll be correlating and curating all the samples when we get back to the world.
I ask that a cooler of drinks are left on board the bus, rather than in the hold. It’s humid, sticky, and muggy today. We must expend valiant effort in remaining hydrated and this will help.
Luckily, the bus has on-board lavatory facilities.
We are seated on the bus, my 10 collective team members, myself, our 4 ‘guides’, ‘Yuk’, ‘No’, ‘Man’, and ‘Kong’; our driver, relief driver, one incredibly shy national geologist, Myung-Dae Soo, and four of the shiny suit clan.
The hotel wheels out a large cart laden with pastries and a huge coffee urn. A bit of a “Bon Voyage” from the casino and bar crowd, as they put this together for us when they heard we were leaving.
“Hey. That’s really nice of them.” Dax notes.
Dax handed over our raw “elevator waiting” funds as we didn’t have time to run it through the casino-machine before we left. We donated over 75,000 won to our friends at the bar, casino, and massage parlor. The ones delivering our going away present assured us it would be divided equitably.
“It best be”, I laughed, “You never know when one of us might be back!”
There was a collective horrified look on their faces for the merest moments. Then they all laughed and said that they hoped we would return someday soon.
“Nice folks”, I thought, “Stupid as shit country, but nice folks.”
We had all separately left tips for the room maids, bellmen, and matrons back before we checked-out.
There was a flurry of handshaking and goodbyes. Not a bad hotel experience here in the so-called land of Best Korea.
Serious dark coffee was passed out amongst the riders, but Ivan, myself, and Dax were already giving one of my emergency flasks a workout.
Ivan smiled and said: “We drink our coffee the Russian way. That is to say we had vodka before it and vodka afterward. HA!”
Ivan and I are cut from the same bolt.
Faux-doughnuts, pseudo-bear claws and fake-long johns all distributed; the bus is fired up, and rumbling. We are exhorted to watch our drinks as we pull away from the hotel and into the wilds of Northern Korea.
I’m humming away:

On the road again -Just can't wait to get on the road again,
The life I love is bashing rocks in the field with my friends.
And I can't wait to get on the road again
On the road again.
Goin' places that we've never been,
Seein' things that we may never see again…
“Rock?”, Dax inquires.
“Yes?” I reply.
“Do please shut up.”
“Music hater”, I muse and comply.
We’re rolling down the highway, as it were, headed generally north. We all have cameras of one kind or another; and rather than relieve us of them, they quietly and without much fuss, slowly darken the windows.
They claim it’s to keep the sun out and temperatures down, but just before things go all black, we’re seeing sights and scenes of the true North Korea. They’re trying to keep us from seeing that en route to the outcrops.
This new bus has some sort of electronic tint-control gizmo for the windows. However, if one has a pair of polarizing sunglasses, as all good field geologists do, you see right past that and can view the passing scenery unencumbered.
I return from a quick beer-recycling loo trip and am amused to see 10 Western scientists, sitting in a blacked-out bus, all wearing polarizing sunglasses.
It was just the surreal note this trip needed as we left the confines of the capital city.
We traveled north, and the empties pile began to grow. We had a few trash bags we had liberated from the hotel, but the shiny suits were very insistent that every empty can, bottle, and bag, yes they had beer in bags…had to be repatriated to a box in the far back of the bus.
Evidently, they either were paid a bounty on each container or were accountable for each vessel. They were soon to realize just the capacity for drink that a group of 11 seasoned very Senior Field Geologists, and one stowaway geologist-in-training can amass.
As we ply our way northward, we see the agricultural side of North Korea. The contrast between rural areas and the capital was striking. There were miles of rice paddies being harvested by people with sickles in their hands. And no cars on the highway. It was most destabilizing for this Westerner.
I think we saw a maximum of three tractors, as most of the work was done with ox power, there was very little evidence of rural electrification. Oh, hold on. We saw many more tractors, I should correct that: we saw three running and not rusted into oblivion tractors.
The farmers we see are using equipment that is quite literally medieval - single-share plows pulled by large, cranky bovines; sweeping sickles to bring in the harvest, and twin-engine, bilateral, botanical-fired ox-carts to transport it. It’s hard to believe that this third-world level of poverty exists in the same country that’s capable of building rockets, nuclear weapons, and tall, well-appointed hotels.
But when we stop at a motorway service station for fuel - a bizarre alien spaceship-like building squatting over the empty carriageways - we do encounter a jangmadang, or semi-official market. Here they are selling cans of knock-off Vietnamese Red Bull and Malaysian-made King Cobra™ Cola.
It reminds me of Russia right after the wall fell. Off the Trans-Siberian Railway in Krasnoyarsk, the Gateway to Eastern Siberia. You can buy Chinese hams, Chinese sodas, Chinese knock-off liquor, and those bloody delicious little bullets of Vitamin-C, Chinese mandarins.
Here, it’s similar. You can get most anything you desire, except it isn’t of Korean manufacture. That stuff is even too shitty to pawn off on tourists.
Instead, it’s knock-off Malaysian, Chinese, or Indonesian beer, wine, or soft drinks.
“Tiger-brand energy drink. Now with 40% more real tiger.” Here? I believe them.
Vodka from everywhere not known for its vodka distilling prowess. Rural hotel shops sell nastily stale crisps, gummy gummies, filling-ripping ‘chewy’ taffy or caramel, and biscuits with a severely limited choice. Rural hotels do not have full electricity so beer is warm and often tossed on the table, waiting for tourists to arrive - as is the food. We were warned to be prepared for cold rice, cold fish, cold potato – and plenty of kimchi and tofu.
Back on the road again, we’re passing small burgs that are not on any of our maps; even the ones we traded for back in the hotel that are specially marked: “For Internal Use ONLY!”.
They were amazingly the same. Clean. Bright. Uncluttered. And attended by cadres of prim, uniform-clad, though non-military people. They were all doing a day’s work keeping everything neat and clean.
There were no cars, trucks, forklifts…only rickshaws and ox-carts. However every one of these ‘towns’ were identical, and exactly, as Ivan pointed out, ‘X’ number of minutes apart.
“Watch! Is so!”, Ivan said. We passed one of these villages, and exactly 3 minutes later, an exact copy. Three minutes later? Another one. 3 more minutes? Xerox-city.
“What the fuck?” Dax asked.
“Potemkin village.” Comrade Dr. Academician Ivan replied.
A Potemkin village is any construction, literal or figurative, whose sole purpose is to provide an external façade to a country which is faring poorly. It is for making people believe that the country is faring better, although statistics and data would suggest otherwise.
“Russia pioneered the process,” Ivan noted with no small amount of pride. “During Cold War with West, entire cities were built, moved, raised, and razed. Ever hear of Krasnoyarsk-25? Atomic Research City? Supposed place of weapons study and manufacture. Huge ‘accident’. Entire city demolished, total populace relocated supposedly, after massive nuclear calamity.”
“Is that true? Cliff asks.
“No. Not at all.” Ivan smiles, “Deliberate misinformation. At least for K-25. It was diversion for actual towns where accidents; nuclear, biological, or worse, had happened. West so concerned about K-25 because it was big, near big capital city of Krasnoyarsk and suitably located out in the taiga. Easy to spot, easy to watch. Kept Western satellites busy while real towns of I-33, U-10, and AR-13 out in the forest were quietly demolished and people relocated or mass buried after some horrible, horrible accidents...”
“You think it’s the same here?” I asked Ivan.
“No, Dr. Rock”, Ivan smiled, and helped himself to my freshly constructed, but untouched, Yorshch, “This is all fake and bluster. Make West think everything is all A-OK, is that right idiom?”
“Yep.” I reply, “Precisely.”
“Make West believe all is OK and green”, as he winks at me, “And bustling and growing. Cover up what is real case here. We all see it and we see right through. Shoddy even for Asians.”
We all had to snicker and smirk as the shiny suit squad, who sat up at the front of the bus, and were not supposed to be listening; reacted like every cell in their bodies were just hit with a drop of pure lemon juice.
“Comrade Dr. Academician. Decorum, please.” I snickered.
“Oh, fuck them!”, Ivan replied, “I am old Russian. They try and pull burlap over my eyes? St. Petersburg? Moscow? Krasnoyarsk.? I’ve been there, seen them. They think this display of tawdriness…Even goofy American and Canadian can see the fakes they are. Britisher? I’m not so sure…”
“Damn, Doctor., I said to Ivan, “You’re just making friends all over the planet today.”
We all knew it was in jest; but the shiny suit squad certainly had their feathers ruffled and either didn’t care or wanted us to know we were under their observation.
“Fuck them twice”, Ivan said, “Ask them for bottle opener. I’m too lazy to search for my field jackknife.”
I hand him my pocket Leatherman and he pries the top of another bottle of ‘Budveiser’ beer.
“They can’t even make fake the name correctly”, he smirks and drains the bottle.
‘Town’ after ‘town’ and even that parade gets uninteresting. We’re headed north and finally come to a crossroads.
The bus driver, who must be a regular paranoid-maniac because he actually stopped to look for oncoming traffic, which we have seen precisely none since leaving the capital city, made a hard right. We’re heading back and up into the hills, leaving the bright lights of the big city far behind.
After an hour or so of driving, we pull off to the left-hand side of the road.
“Rock, Ivan, Cliff…holy shit, look at this!” Dax was uncharacteristically excited.
It was an open field that leads to a series of low outcrops of polychromatic, obviously sedimentary rocks. Magentas, greens, purples, rust-reds, browns, blacks, olive greens…holy shit. A real sedimentary pile.
We filed out of the bus with our field gear. The shiny suit squad started in with a bullhorn.
“You will wait for tour guides!”
“You will listen to group leaders!”
“You will not stray from the designated paths set up…”
No one heard them as the group of 11 remaining Western geoscientists were already across the highway and hieing for the exposures like outcrop-seeking multiple-warhead re-entry vehicles.
“You must wait!” we heard from exasperated voices back at the bus. “You must stop!”
“You must piss off!” Cliff said, “This is what we’ve been waiting over two weeks to see!”
“They are very angry with us”, Myung-dae the young Korean geologist said. “I find that just too bad.”
“And you are?” I asked.
Myung-dae Soo, the young Korean geologist, introduced himself.
“Well”, I said, “Welcome aboard. I’m Dr. Rock.”
“They are very, very angry”, he repeats.
“So? Are you tagging along to give them internal reports?” I asked.
“No, Doctor”, he replied, “I too am a geologist. I want to get away from those assholes and see some real rocks.”
“Who are you with?” I ask, “What group?”
“I am 5th-year student at Pyongyang College. I am not officially here. We were told in class that you were coming. I decided to see if I could join you. This morning, I was standing by bus and they thought I was hotel worker or orderly. I was given cooler full of beer and told to find place for it on the bus. I did and after that, just stayed in the back. I am stowaway. I am ashamed, but I had to see for myself. But, I like Western field trips so far!”
“No shit? Well, then”, I said, “Double welcome aboard. None of this ‘I am ashamed’ shit. You’re a geologist, but you haven’t even worked through your first field-evening get-together with us. But this is no pleasure cruise. It’s real work, real geology, real serious science shit. You savvy?”
“Yes, sir, Doctor Rocknocker from Sultanate in the Middle East.” Myung-dae smiled.
“And you fucking stay close to me”, I smirked.
I fired a couple of BLAAATS! from my portable air horn.
“Field Meeting! Field Meeting! Assholes & Elbows!” I called aloud.
Everyone gathered within earshot.
“OK, guys, here’s the deal. We do not know how long we’ve got here. So, let’s split up into teams. Geophysicists, go do your structural thing. Stratigraphers? Field relations. Geologists? Let’s go talk to some ronery-rooking-rocks. No offense, Mr. Myung.”
Myung-dae was laughing up a storm. He got that reference. He later told us all around the campfire he thought ‘Team America’ was a “fucking hilarious movie.”
Oh, we are going to be a real bad influence on this poor kid.
The groups spontaneously broke up into 4 or 5 sub-groups. They headed for areas they thought were important and they were photographing, measuring, pounding on rocks, and arguing within minutes.
“No, you idiot! It’s continental. Look at those adhesion ripples.”
“The fuck you know. It’s only a little low-level eggbeater tectonics. Where the fuck would you get continental collision-size energy around here?”
“Oh, the fuck you say. It’s non-marine. Those are mud cracks. Look at the sandy aeolian infill, fer chrissake.”
Formal? Proper? Detached Doctors of Geology?
Not when you’re in the field. It all goes out the window when different opinions collide like subducting plates.
“The music of my people!” I said to Morse.
“I thought that was the ‘Safety Dance’?” he chided.
“We’re a big family. We can have more than one.” I snickered.
We’re wandering around the site, with individual purpose.
We are looking for or looking at items of interest.
We’re hacking at the outcrops.
We’re all looking at…things.
It’s hard to describe. Get a load of geologists or geology students out of the office, lab, or classroom; stick them out on a bare expanse of heavily weathered rock and it’s simply…numinous.
We’re rebuilding worlds here.
This rock says this.
This rock says that.
And you’re not fluent in that dialect. Here, let me interpret for you…
We’re at each other’s throats, in the academic-metaphorical sense. Tempers have been known to run hot. There has been the occasional bloody nose or rocks sailing down an outcrop without the obligate “HEADACHE!” call. Hammers and Marsh Picks have ended up swimming without the owner’s knowledge.
But once we’re back; settled in the hotel room, tavern, or around the campfire, we’re all a Band of Brothers again. It’s an odd thing to watch; as if you’re not of the clan, you’d need an interpreter. It defies all boundaries: political, sexual, educational, geographical, linguistic, social, et cetera.
We’re all geologists first. We share the common scientific bond of Geology.
That’s why Geology is the First Science.
Plus we tend to drink a serious fucking whole bloody awful lot.
We’ve all been on that ‘crawlin’ home puker’.
We’ve also been to the ends of the earth: the deepest depths, the highest heights, we deal with the greatest pressures, the hottest temperatures; we’ve been to the mountain, we’ve seen the elephant, and we’ve held a bear’s nose to dogshit.
We wear the scars attained in our travels like badges of honor.
We’re God-Damned Scientists.
Back off, man. Geologist comin’ through.
Anyways, I’m looking at the bedding-plane boundaries between the purple unit and the underlying olive-green unit. The upper unit it looks, to me, continental in origin. Fluvial, perhaps. The lower unit is much finer-grained. Marine mudstone, perhaps? But what age?
The cadged Korean Geological maps are worse than useless. They never would go down to the outcrop scale. Consulting them, they don’t even note these exposures in a field sense.
Myung-dae, who is working about 35 meters down-section from me calls out, “Doctors! Sirs! Look here! I’ve found something!”
We all wander over as he is hacking away at the dusty, eroded rock. He stands and dusts off his find.
It’s a very large, nearly 1-meter diameter, coiled fossil cephalopod.
I wander over for a closer look. Dax, Cliff, Morse, and Ivan do as well.
“Blimey! Will you look at that? Outstanding, Mr. Myung!” Cliff says.
“Well, that confirms it. This layer, at least, is marine. Look at that suture pattern”, I say, dusting off an unweathered bit.
“Look at the radius of coiling.”, Cliff joins in.
We’re slowly wresting information out of this silent witness.
“Ornamentation?”, Dr. Ivan asks. “Knobs, bosses, and excrutions?” Oh, yes.”
In unison, we declare: “Hyphoplites!”
Morse adds, “And therefore…these rocks are middle Cretaceous. Marine. Not bad…”
“Need to get some samples for geochemical analysis. Dig deep, gentlemen, we need unweathered samples for TOC (Total Organic Carbon) content.”, Dr. Erlen Meyer notes.
With that, we have a relative age of the rock, a good idea of its depositional environment, and therefore extent, ideas of field relationships, and an indication of some of its fauna.
Could it be source rock worthy?
Samples? Best get diggin’, Beaumont.
That unit is right smack in the middle of this pile of rocks. Dax and I will work up-section and Ivan and Cliff will work down-section. We’re going to see what lies above, what lies below, what trends we can discern, and develop an idea of what happened here some 100 million years ago.
This is what happens when you get geologists out in the field with the proper amounts of field gear, outcrops, and alcohol.
Overall, the deeper down-section, and therefore, earlier in geological time you go, the more marine the rocks are. Conversely, the higher you go in the column, i.e., up-section, into younger rocks, the more continental it appears.
We find fragments of marine fish fossils, sea-crocodile scutes and teeth, heaps of mosasaur coprolites, i.e., fossil shit piles, and other indications that the lower, older rocks are Lower Cretaceous ocean basin-fill.
But up higher; we find mud cracks, rain prints, land turtle shells, land-snails (Bellerophontid gastropods), and what may actually be a fossil feather. All indications of a more continental, i.e., fluvial (river), floodplain, lacustrine (lake), and paludal (swamp) deposition.
That’s my particular bailiwick.
I’m ‘elephant walking’ along the upper outcrops looking for fossils. You basically bend over at the waist and sweep from left to right as you take exaggerated step after step, scanning the ground looking for…well…it takes years, but once you see it, you never forget it.
“Fossil sign”.
A disjunct endemism. Something not in situ. Something out of place. A bit of a different, out of context color. Out of context texture. Out of context size. Out of context context.
Something that looks like it shouldn’t ought to be there.
I’m picking up 1 cm. square hunks of what look like an ordinary rock. I taste them. Well, I stick them to my tongue. If it liquefies and runs away, it’s ordinary mudstone, shale, or the like.
If it sticks…well, it might just be fossil bone.
“Damn right, Rock”, Cliff says from behind me, “Fucking North Korea tastes terrible.”
“Still, it’s the best way I know to…” I paused.
“Got something?” Cliff asked.
“Look here.” I said, “Anthill. Big, nasty buggers. Look around the edges. Pieces of flat, cream-colored rock on this gaudy purple stuff. Tongue test? They stick like cockleburs. Let’s look upslope, see if there’s a drainage…”
There it was, a nice little drainage incised about 1.5 meters deep into the nearly horizontal rocks we were walking on.
“Any float?” I asked.
“Not yet,” Cliff said.
We followed the weak, little drainage that was cut into the outcrop, up another couple of meters.
There were very scrappy, very small, very scattered pieces of that same cream-colored rock. Some were ornamented with a scroll-work or some sort of striations. Most un-geological. More biological. We followed the trail, up here, around here, over there.
Cliff noticed it first, a soccer-ball sized lump of completely out-of-place crème-colored ‘rock’ working its way out by gradual erosion of the variegated pastels of the continental rocks upon which we were treading.
I got there first and began to clear the area with my Estwing.
“Careful. Careful”, Cliff admonished.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Mind your Mincies. [Mince pies = eyes]”, as I’m swinging away at the reluctant, reticent, rocks.
The excavation grew, slowly. From the rounded dome, we could see small sutures that had developed…
Then condyles, fenestrae, then more ‘bone’. Then a jaw, teeth, vertebrae…
“HOLY DOUBLE-DAMN SHIT!” I tootled my air horn. We needed the group to see this.
It was a skull. A dinosaur skull. A small, non-avian dinosaur skull.
Everyone has crowded around and looked at the small quarry we had just built.
“Whatcha got, Rock? Cliff?” Joon asked.
“Fuck me, but I think we’ve got us a dinosaur skull,” I said.
Professor Doctor Academician Ivan walked over and cleared the area.
As Professor Emeritus, he had pole position priority.
“I agree.” is all he said.
I cleared the area and let others take a whack at opening up the quarry.
We may have been low on power tools, but we had a surfeit of opinions.
“OK,” I said, “Let’s look at the facts…”
  1. Age? Cretaceous. Probably lower to lower-middle Cretaceous.
  2. Continental deposits. That’s very fine sand we’re hacking away. Fluvial, without a doubt. Or, possibly aeolian; there’s no such thing as a geological certainty. Dunes? Ephemeral creeks? Low floodplain? Geo-talk… .
  3. Small size. Potentially a juvenile?
  4. Nope. Not a juvie. Sutures are closed, fused. This is, well was, an adult; perhaps a subadult, given its size.
  5. In situ? In place? Or washed in?
Hard to tell when all you’ve exposed is half the critter’s brain box.
“Look at that!” Myung-dae exclaimed, “Squamosal bones and the inner parietals…temporal fenestrae. It had a frill; a small one.”
“OK,”, I said, looking closely at the exposed scrappy remains, “Fucking-A Bubba. Nailed it.” I said, giving him the thumbs up.
“Ceratopsian. Look at those greens-grinder molars. There’s some small osteoderms on the skull; knobby old bastard. Early critter.” I continued.
Others looked around and confirmed my observations.
“Reminds me of Protoceratops from when I was back in Mongolia,” I said.
Dax chimed in with, “Looks something like Psittacosaurus from back in the Cretaceous Belly River of Canada.”
Drs. Ivan and Morse agree. “Most assuredly. It is definitely proto-ceratopsian. Young adult, as Dr. Rock notes by the cranial sutures. Do they have a record of proto-ceratopsians here?”
Myung-dae replies, “I have read reports of Korean proto-ceratopsian found in South Korea. Not long ago, 2019, it is called…ah… Auroraceratops. It is a genus of bipedal basal neo-ceratopsian dinosaur.”
“Bipedal?” I query. “Well, there’s a fine how do you do. All the proto-ceratopsians I’ve known were obligate quadrupeds.”
“Well”, Ivan, Dax, Cliff, and Morse agree, “That should give the shiny suit squad something to report. That’ll keep them the hell out of our hair for a while.”
We photograph each step as we excavate the critter. It’s more or less in situ, buried where it fell. Probably killed by a sand slip off a dune, or a river sandbar slip and burial. It’s not complete, but we do have the skull and a good portion of the post-cranial elements to about just before the pelvis. A good pectoral girdle, skull, jaw, frill, forelimbs, forefeet…easily half-a cute little herbivorous dinosaur. About the size of a smallish Highland Coo or large Great Dane.
We flag it with the team particulars, it’s GPS position, and carefully rebury the animal. We don’t have any of the equipment nor time to excavate it properly, but we can conserve it. Of course, we’ll be informing the proper authorities of our discovery.
I have an absolutely ancient Polaroid instant camera. Before re-internment, I take several pictures of our “Koreasaurus”, as we’ve dubbed the animal, with items for scale; like a hammer, cigar, and oddly enough, a photographic scale. Then I get a photo of the whole crew standing around, drinking warm beers from their individual day packs, smiling about the find ‘they‘ made.
We hear the melodious tootle of the bus’s horns. We make sure to pack out all our trash and wander back to our terrestrial transport.
“You were gone too long!” the chief shiny suited character goes all ballistic on me.
“Watch yourself, Herr Mac.”, I calmly said, “You’re going to burn your nose on my cigar.”
“You left without your handlers…err…guides!” he fumed.
“Hey, Scooter. Cool out. We’re geologists. We never get lost.” I said.
It sometimes just takes us longer to get back than it took us to leave…
“Your impertinence will be reported.” He smoldered.
“Report this, Mother Chuckler”, I observed and held out the pictures of our newly discovered Koreasaurus.
“Show those photos to your handlers,” I said in a mocking tone. “We found a brand new species of God-damned dinosaur for you geezers. It took us less than two hours. You can spin it that it’s a new, never-before-seen species of very specialized dinosaur found right here in beautiful Korea del Norte. Be quite the scientific coup, don’t you think? Trust us. We won’t say anything.”
He immediately shut up and went into conference with the rest of the shiny suit squad.
“Doctor”, one of the clan covert asked, “This is a new dinosaur?”
I had a thunderbolt of an idea.
“Oh! Yes, it is. I’d stake my reputation on it. You’ve had no concerted search here for the beasts and well, with the normalizing of relations between your country and the world, it allowed your specialists to perform real science. In fact, on the bus is the young North Korean geoscientist who made the discovery.” I said. “Give me a minute. I’ll go and get him. I think he was off taking a shi…ah, using the lavatory. Just give me a minute.”
I did have an idea. A wonderful idea. A wonderfully evil idea.
Back on the bus, I ordered the doors closed.
“Gentlemen! Ears and eyes! Please.” I said loudly.
“The shiny suits have their knickers all a-twist because we don’t want to listen to them; the assholes. Fuck that. I’ve got an idea. Let’s make our young acolyte here, Mr. Myung-dae Soo, a national hero. He would probably get his ass in a crack for sneaking on board the Western bus today the way he did. Well, double fuck that. Let’s all say he found the dinosaur. Let him take the glory for the homeland. No one else will ever need to know.” I said smiling.
“Fuck Yeah! You bet! Замечательное! Ihmeellisiä! Maravilhoso! Geweldig!”
Good to know we’re all on the same page. Geologists. You can always count on them…
“Mr. Myung-dae Soo? Front and center. Time to go and become ‘Hero of Best Korea’.” I smiled.
He was absolutely terrified.
“Doctor…I …don't…wait…no…” he stammered.
Cliff, Dax, Ivan, and I trotted him out to confront the shiny suit squad.
“Don’t worry, Myung. We’ve got your back. Trust us.” I said in a low conspiratorial tone.
The shiny suit squad turned as one and gave Mr. Myung the Stink Eye treatment.
“Here you go. The man of the hour. Mr. Myung-Dae Soo, young geologist and up and coming paleontologist.” I say loudly and with the utmost honor.
They look at him and the Korean erupts in rapid-fire staccato bursts.
Cliff just wanders in and interjects, “Yes. Righto. Top form. Found the float. Tracked down that dino like he was on safari. Highest marks. Good man!”
Dax adds more fuel to the fire. “Like he knew where to go, knew where to look. He’s a natural.”
Dr. Academician Ivan blustered forth: “Excellent scholar. Excellent field man. Banner geologist.”
I couldn’t have added more. The shiny suit squad was gobsmacked.
I asked Myung-dae what they were saying.
“They were talking about reprisals. Reporting to authorities. Then, they stopped. You have them completely confounded.” He said.
“How so?” I asked, quietly.
“Between an international incident where we don’t listen to our handlers and this potential important scientific discovery.” Mr. Myung-dae reported, trying hard to parse the evolving situation.
“Yes”, I added to Ivan’s bluster.
To the shiny suits: “I’ve worked as visiting Dinosaurian Vertebrate Paleontology Curator at all the major American museums. This is a find quite unlike anything known. It is a watershed discovery. It will help unravel the evolution and distribution of the clan Dinosauria for the whole Korean Peninsula. Perhaps, even with international impact on the recent finds in China.”
I laid it on with a trowel.
I hit all the buzzwords.
“Yes. Yes, perhaps.”, the head shiny-suiter said. “I will report this bit of very good news to the proper authorities. Myung-dae, with us. We require more information.”
“Ah, we’d prefer him to ride in back with us if you don’t mind. Scientific courtesy, old man. He needs to be classically de-interviewed after such a find.” I insisted, making certain I stand as tall, wide, and menacing as possible while smiling like a damned Cheshire cat, one smoking a very large cigar.
“Very well. We are not far from our evening stop. We can talk later.” He agreed.
We all moseyed, laughing silently, back to the bus; literally supporting our young hero Mr. Myung-dae as he seemed to have gone all wobbly of late.
Myung-dae was ashen-white. He looked like he had just given birth to a basketball. He was visibly shaking.
We get on the bus and I whip up a stout Yorshch for the young hero of the hour.
“Here! This is for you. If you’re going to be a world-class geologist, you’d damn sure better start acting like one.” I smile broadly.
There were hoots, cheers, and cat-calls.
Beers were popped, bottles uncorked; cigars, cigarettes, and pipes lit.
“Damn Skippy!” some anonymous reveler added.
Myung-dae slurped a good half the drink. I offered him a cigar. He stopped shaking enough to accept the novel offer.
Remember “crawlin’ home puker”? He’s taken his first step into a larger world.
OK, just to recap. Here are the dramatis personae left on the bus…
Bus driver (Kim) and his relief (Won).
My team and I. That’s 11 Western geoscientists: Morse, Cliff, Volna, Ack, Viv, Graco, Erlen, Dr. Academician Ivan, Joon, Dax, and myself.
Then there are our guides: Yuk, No, Man, and Kong.
Our stowaway hero geologist-in-training: Myung-dae Soo, aka, “Mung”.
And the four members of the shiny suit clan: Pak, Mak, Tak, and Jak. At least, that’s the names we used when we addressed them.
The bus was rumbling down the deserted highway. We were headed more or less due east, passing the occasional Potemkin Village. They knew we cracked their code long ago, so they didn’t bother with darkening the windows any longer.
We are passing a series of highway road cut outcrops. We’re only going approximately 35 or 40 miles per hour. Suddenly, Morse jumps out of his seat and runs up to the driver.
“STOP! STOP! Back up! We almost missed it!” he barks in heavily Russian inflected English.
The driver, shaken to the core, just slams on the brakes. The bus grinds to a stop. Good thing there’s no traffic out here.
Or anywhere else, for that matter.
Jak of the suit clan jumps up and asks “What is the problem?”
“How could you miss that?” Morse shouts. “Huge fault. Mineralization. I saw that from a glimpse. We must return to investigate.”
“Is not possible. We have appointment at the hotel.” Jak replies.
“Fuck that!”, Morse shouts. I guess he’s just really into faults…
I wander up and try to defuse the situation.
“OK, guys, cool out. Let’s be reasonable. Do it our way. Go back to that road cut. We spend a half-hour there then we go on to the hotel. The hotel will still be there when we arrive, won’t it? Even if we’re a bit late?” I ask.
Jak looks to Pak, who converses with Mak and Tak. They know they’re outgunned.
The driver shifts the bus into reverse and we back down the luckily deserted highway over a mile to the outcrop in question.
We had to admit, it was a mother beautiful normal fault. In perfect, textbook cross-section.
Morse and Joon were on it like white on rice; given the mineralization along the fault plane. All sorts of implications for the thermal and geological history of the area. But with just one exposure like this, more or less just a real interesting geo-oddity.
We spent precisely 30 minutes at the exposure, and when our handlers requested we re-board and head to the motel, we complied like nice, normal sort of folks.
I believe the appropriate maxim here is: “Lull them into a false sense of security…”
Once more down the road we travel. Beers popped, bottles uncorked; you know, the usual.
Forty-five minutes later, we pull into, I kid you not, a replica US of A 1950s Motor-Inn.
“Mr. Myung”, I ask, “What the hell is this?”
To be continued…
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Analyzing Data's first poker game in which Riker famously bluffs him, although Miles O'Brien is revealed as the real sucker at the table.

Riker is dealing and calls the game: 5 Card Stud, nothing wild.
The action we see in this hand mostly follows the (normal) rules of the game. It moves clockwise around the table and nobody seems to act out of turn or anything.
In fact, out of the now 5 Star Trek poker hands I've analyzed, I think all of them have either followed the rules, or contained minor and explainable discrepancies.
Since these 5 hands are actually a significant amount of all the poker we ever see, it maybe turns out that it's something of a myth that Star Trek poker is silly and everybody is always breaking the rules. Lots of people play very badly in almost every hand, that's no myth, but with (I think) only about 3 or 4 possible hands that I could still look at, most of the ones I've analyzed don't significantly break the rules of the game, or when they do make relatively serious violations, they are pretty easily explained (often with the help of some great's not like I'm a poker pro! also I don't have much experience playing 5 Card Stud cuz nobody plays it).
Here's the entire scene.
Unlike other games we see, they seem to be playing Limit 5 Card Stud here, where you can only bet or raise in specific limits. This is how 5 Card Stud is almost always played in the late 20th and early 21st centuries...although it's not a very popular game, unlike 7 Card Stud which is widely played and which I love).
Usually though we see them playing No-Limit 5 Card Stud when they play this game. I had really never heard of that outside of Star Trek, and I explained why it's such a weird game in my first poker post, but I did look up NL 5 Card Stud and apparently some form of it is played in some real casinos in Norway or someplace. You can maybe find it but only in one tiny corner of Europe, and I think it's probably dealt differently.
The 5 Card Stud I know is dealt one card down and one face-up and then a round of betting, and then three more cards all face-up, one at a time with a round of betting after each deal, and this is the form (dealing and betting structure) which we always see when they play 5 Card Stud on Star Trek.
Apparently there are other forms -- "3 Down / 2 Up" is generally played No-Limit, so maybe that's what they play in Norway.
Anyway, because every raise we see in this hand is equal to the size of the initial bet on that round, and every bet is either 5 or 10 chips, it seems very unlikely that they are playing No-Limit and that every raise just happens to be a minimum-sized raise, because that never happens on other hands we see them play. In a hand like this one Riker would usually put in a big raise on the end, maybe 100 chips, but because they're apparently playing Limit, 10 chips is the maximum he is allowed to raise.
The betting on this hand has an odd wrinkle though. Generally in Limit 5 Card Stud the betting limit would be a smaller bet on the first 2 rounds of betting, and double that amount on the latter 2 rounds, although this is very dependent on house rules, but betting limits always increase throughout the hand (not every round betting though).
But on this hand: the first round of betting is in 5-chip increments, the second round it doubles to 10-chip increments, then on the third round it goes back down to 5-chip increments, and on the final round it's back to 10-chip increments.
This isn't totally insane or anything though, and because there are so many variations and house rules (and this is a friendly home game for zero stakes) this is definitely not breaking any strict rules of the game. You can set the betting structure however you like.
We could surmise that they're playing with their own house rules, and maybe the first person to bet on each round is allowed to open for either 5 or 10 chips, depending on what they choose, and everybody else has to follow. Or maybe if somebody bets 5 you're allowed to raise 5 or 10 if you want (although we don't see anybody do the latter), but it's pretty clear that they can only bet in increments of 5 or 10, so it's a basic type of Limit betting.
Pots can still build up pretty big -- this pot gets relatively big without a single re-raise and only a couple of players by the end -- but you're not gonna have dramatic all-ins in Limit betting structures. It's also MUCH harder to bluff in Limit games because you can only bet in relatively small limits, so opponents will tend to be getting very good odds to call just 1 more bet at the end, if there has been some action along the way.
I'll list the action as well as Data and Riker's cards, because theirs are the only cards we ever see. We don't see them as they are being dealt but it's clear when we do see them that they are laid out in the order in which they were dealt.
I am not yet listing anybody's hole card (hidden card), just the ones we see on the table.
Pulaski: ? (must be Q, K, or A)
La Forge: ?
Data: Q♣
O'Brien: ?
Riker: 10♥
Action: Pulaski bets 5, everybody calls.
Notes: Again there are different rules regarding antes and who acts first, but whenever we see them play stud, the strongest hand showing has the first option to check or bet. This is almost always how the game is played, BUT another semi-common rule is a "bring-in" on just the first round. A bring-in is where the lowest card showing is required to act first and to make at least a minimum-sized bet to basically get the action started (this is only ever on the first round). But for a number of reasons -- mainly that I don't think we ever see them do this -- I doubt they're playing this way.
This is all to explain why Pulaski must be showing a Queen, King, or Ace in order for the action to start with her, because we know Data has a Queen. It's very likely she was dealt a King or an Ace because Data ends up with 3 Queens at the end so she would have needed to have the last Queen in the deck. Compared to that 1 Queen, there are 7 Aces and Kings that we never see during this hand, so she's obviously much more likely to have one of those. It's not really relevant cuz she's about to fold, but for the sake of being as complete as possible I believe the action would still be following the rules here if she was showing a Queen. In that case Pulaski and Data would each be showing the same highest hand (one Queen), and I believe that the first action would then start with whoever is closer to the dealer's left, which is Pulaski here. So she could have a Queen. But she probably has a King or an Ace, giving her the highest card showing.
Unless she has real trash like K-4 offsuit it's very sensible of her to bet here. Just because it's hard to bluff in Limit games doesn't mean every hand gets to just means that once the pot starts to get bigger it's harder to bluff. But people may drop out along the way, and she could have everybody folding by third or fourth street if she continues to show the strongest hand and bets it the whole way. When she bets here she's taking the lead and saying that she doesn't have K-4 garbage. It's unlikely she already has a huge pair, but 2 high cards are a very strong start in 5 Card Stud, a game where 1 pair very often wins at showdown.
Compare this to the hand where Crusher outplayed Riker. Worf got dealt an Ace on the first round that hand and he checked, and it checked around. That was because Worf is bad at poker -- he wasn't being sneaky. He stayed in that hand until finally folding on the last card despite showing only an Ace and a bunch of garbage (in a hand where Dr. Crusher had a board of Q-Q on third street, like Data here).
Pulaski is good at poker, and even though we never see any of her cards this hand, she seems to play it well.
Next round:
Pulaski: ?, ?
La Forge: ?, ?
Data: Q♣, Q♦
O'Brien: ?, ?
Riker: 10♥, J♥
Action: Data bets 10, O'Brien calls, Riker calls, Pulaski folds, La Forge folds.
Notes: I have no idea what any of Geordi's cards are but this is still probably the single best play we ever see him make in any poker game. Most of the time he's terrible, but here he at least finds an early fold, instead of chasing his pipe dream of a hand and paying chips on every round just to fold when he inevitably misses his miracle at the end.
I mean this is probably an extremely trivial decision for Geordi. Data is showing Q-Q so if Geordi doesn't have a big draw brewing, or an Ace or King in the hole (trying to improve to a higher pair), or a pair of some kind by now, it's a 100% fold and there's nothing to even think about. Geordi probably has absolute garbage like 9-8-3 with no flush draw so it's the easiest fold ever, but still, at least it's one hand where he folded his losing hand early, saving himself some chips..
Pulaski also finds a fold here, despite showing (very probably) a King or an Ace. She obviously doesn't have a monster hand like a pair of Aces or Kings cuz she'd play that, but even most legitimately strong starting hands that she might have opened with last round are now huge underdogs once Data pairs his Queen. Pulaski could have had A-9, or K-J, or similar. But this last card pretty obviously didn't help her (since she folds), and most of the time she will be way behind Q-Q. Also, because her Ace or King is face-up (and the rest of the cards in this game are all dealt face-up) everyone at the table will see if she pairs it. And again, because it's Limit, she can't put in a huge raise at any point and try to buy the pot with a bluff.
I'm just contrasting this to Geordi and Worf, both of whom would probably call off chips for another round or two in Pulaski's shoes, just cuz they have an Ace or whatever and they're feeling lucky.
Next round:
Data: Q♣, Q♦, A♥
O'Brien: ?, ?, ?
Riker: 10♥, J♥, 5♥
Action: Data bets 5, O'Brien calls, Riker raises 5 more to 10 total, Data calls, O'Brien folds.
Notes: Riker's play is really bad/strange but I have to start with O'Brien because I think this is the only time we see him playing poker and this is one of the worst folds I've ever seen. In real or fictional poker.
Let's assume the ante was 5 chips (that's obviously the minimum bet so it makes sense it would also be the ante -- and there's no way the ante is less than that). So let's count how many chips are in the pot: 5 chips from all 5 people as antes (+25); another 5 from everybody on the first round of betting (+25); a bet of 10 and two calls on the next round (+30), and on this round Data has put in 10 total, O'Brien has put in 5 so far, and Riker has put in 10 total (+25). Adding those up, 25+25+30+25=105. So there are 105 chips in the pot after Data's call, and the action is on O'Brien, who owes 5 chips.
So to potentially win 105 chips will cost him 5 chips. 105/5 simplifies to 21/1, so those are the odds he's getting here to call 5 more chips. 21 to 1 odds. That means he has to win this pot once every 22 times for it to be an even-money call. If he calls and loses this hand 95% of the time it would still be a slightly profitable call (better than even-money)!!! He'd have to lose this hand about 96% of the time for a call to be a mistake...and even then it's a small mistake cuz the direct odds aren't far off from that!
Of course there's no reason to waste 5 chips if he can't ever win...BUT HE ALREADY CALLED 5 CHIPS ON THIS ROUND OF BETTING! Then Riker raised 5 more behind him, and importantly Data just called that raise. That means that O'Brien will be closing the action on this round of betting, (unless he raises). If Data had re-raised Riker then O'Brien could reasonably fold as the bet would be 10 to him instead of 5, and he wouldn't be closing the action. Riker could raise again behind him, and Data could raise again behind that! In Limit games the amount of bets are usually capped at around 5 or 6 bets/raises per round -- Data and Riker couldn't just keep raising each other 5 chips forever, it would be capped. But that's irrelevant here because Data did NOT re-raise Riker, so O'Brien can close the action with a call of just 5 chips.
Literally anything that was worth calling 5 chips for is worth calling another 5 chips for here especially because his call will close the action AND because there's 1 card to come! Unless he's drawing dead to a pair of Queens (which Riker actually is...but he's hoping to bluff), he has to call. He's getting 21 to 1 odds!!! If he was already dead to a pair of Queens, his call of Data's 5 chip bet can only be described as accidental.
Again, without knowing ANY of his cards I can easily say this is the worst fold I've seen on Star Trek. Either O'Brien lacks the most rudimentary understanding of what "odds" are, or he misread his own hand.
YOU'RE GETTING 21 TO 1, MILES. If you have any pair you can easily make a winning trips or two pair on the last card five freaking percent of the time.
(Note: If Miles did have just one-pair below Queens here he would in fact be drawing dead to Data, but only in this specific instance because Data happens to have a third Queen in the hole. Nobody except Data knows that, and it's very rare that Data would have three Queens here. As far as O'Brien knows, any hand he has with a pair in it would be live against Data (and certainly live against Riker, who I'll get to in a second), and Data usually won't even make as much as two pair by the end, let alone trips.)
Misreading your own hand and putting in chips when you should have folded, and then finally folding once you realize which cards you actually have, is deeply humiliating and terrible...and that's honestly his best-case scenario for this fold to be sensible.
I think that scenario is unlikely, and it's vastly more likely that O'Brien is simply awful at poker.
Time to pluck a pigeon is right.
Riker can only make a flush or pretend he made a flush if he catches another heart, which is unlikely. If Riker catches a non-heart 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, or 9 then it's open information to everybody that his hand can never beat Data's one pair of Queens! Riker's ONLY PLAY if he catches any of those cards (because they can't make him two pair or trips) is to fold. That set of cards I listed is 21 different cards (3 of each suit from each) . If Riker lands any of those 21 cards his hand might as well be auto-folded by the dealer. His best possible hand would be J-J and this would be open information. Most of the other cards in the deck would also give Riker at best three of a kind (lower than Queens), but if he had trips or two pair it would certainly be worth a showdown against Data, who will usually have just the 1 pair of Queens he's showing.
I covered this in the first hand I analyzed, but Riker is out of his mind here a little bit.
Riker lands a third heart on the board and raises Data, who is showing a pair of Queens. Riker isn't there yet. He can't have a pair better than Jacks, he can't have more than 1 pair, but anyway he's not worried about pairs -- he's posturing that he has 4 hearts, giving him a flush draw.
Data should have re-raised him (in which case O'Brien's call-fold could be maybe reasonable). By far Riker's best chance of winning this hand at showdown would be if he had a legit flush draw here. That would give him 8 outs (as far as he knows).
Starting with 13 hearts in the deck subtract the 4 hearts Riker is presumably holding, and 1 more because Data is showing the A♥.
We can't know what other cards they've seen from Pulaski and Geordi and Miles before they folded, so we're looking at it based on the facts we know. If Riker had a flush draw he'd have 8 outs and there are 45 unknown cards to him/us -- starting with 52, subtract Riker's 4 "hearts," and the 3 cards Data is showing. 52-4-3=45. And 8 of those 45 cards win him the hand, so his chances of getting a heart are 8/45, or about 18%. In reality there are only 7 hearts he can catch, because Data's hole card is the Q♥.
Either way he should not raise Data here. It's not bluffing time yet...a flush draw with 1 card to come is openly a bad hand here against 1 pair! In 5 Card Stud we can see that he can't have any kind of multi-way draw. He can't have a pair and a flush draw, and we can see he can't have a straight draw along with his flush draw. Because his highest card showing is a Jack, every possible hole card he could have in the entire deck makes him a massive underdog to Q-Q with one card to come.
This is open information and a clear mistake by Data. The only reason NOT to re-raise is if he thinks another raise will scare off O'Brien, and because Data has a huge hand (three Queens) he wants to bleed O'Brien and Riker on fifth street.
I think that's unlikely to have been Data's strategy though. He's brand new and perhaps deeply concentrating on the wrong things at this stage, and I think this is just a mistake.
Last card
[NOTE: I am showing their hole card in brackets here]
Data: [Q♥], Q♣, Q♦, A♥, 4♦
Riker: [2♠],10♥ ,J♥ ,5♥ ,4♥
Action: Data bets 10, Riker raises 10 more to 20, Data folds.
Notes: We can see now that Data's hole card is the Q♥ because we see him looking at it. When you think about it, it seems irrelevant that he looks at his hole card here while making his decision -- if Riker doesn't have a flush, his best possible hand is one pair of Jacks. Data's hole card in fact gives him his strongest possible hand here -- three Queens. But that makes no difference! No hole card could give him anything that could beat a flush here. Either Riker has a flush, or Data's board beats him, with one pair of Queens. Data's hole card doesn't matter, except...
While it doesn't matter at all that Data's hole card is another Queen, it does matter that it's a heart. Data is making some bizarre rudimentary mistakes since it is his first hand, but that doesn't mean he isn't also employing some not-awful strategic thinking here. (Notation)
As far as Data's play here, in Limit games your choices are really distilled, and facing just one opponent you will essentially always be making 2 choices at once because there are so few options. If your opponent bets or raises, you already know exactly how much they will bet, so decisions sort of come in pairs. Hopefully the following makes clear what I mean:
Data, or anybody acting first here and facing one opponent, has exactly 6 different "lines" or series of actions he or she can take. Each of these lines represents what Data could do ONLY if/when his opponent bets or raises him. If his opponent does not bet or raise him, his second planned-action doesn't matter cuz the hand is already over before then.
So in between each pair of actions, it is assumed that Riker has bet or raised.
These are the 6 lines Data could take, acting first:
Again, each of those pairs are Data's possible actions here, and the second action is only required if Riker bets or raises. Generally a person makes these pairs of decisions really as one decision, especially in Limit games where you absolutely know how much your opponent's bet will be.
Of the 6 possible ways Data could have played this hand at the end, I think Bet-Fold is probably the very worst. Check-Fold is also an extremely weak play, but at least saves him 10 chips I guess.
Data has to see a showdown here. For the same price as it cost him to eventually fold here (10 chips), he could have seen a showdown if he'd gone Check-Call!
And I would say that Check-Call is probably Data's best line here. If he was more used to the game and Riker's tendencies and he thought it was more likely than not that Riker was bluffing here, he might Bet-Call or even Check-Raise, each of which would get more money out of Riker (but also be risking more, if Riker actually does habe a flush).
There were 105 chips in the pot after the last round of betting. Here Data bets 10, and Riker raises him 10 more to 20. So from 105 we add Data's 10 and Riker's 20 to the pot. That means there are now 135 chips in the pot, and it costs Data 10 chips to call. If he calls (or folds), he's closing the action. So he can absolutely see a showdown here for 10 more chips, nobody can raise behind him. So he's getting 13.5 to 1 odds that Riker is bluffing. Insta-call. At 13.5 to 1, that means Data is making money with a call if Riker is bluffing at least 7% of the time here.
In other words, if Riker has a flush 93% of the time here -- meaning Data loses 93% of the time when he calls -- it's still a slightly profitable call because he's getting such enormous odds!
Data has to call, maybe half-resigned to losing...but if he's even heard of bluffing -- a term which is often used outside of poker and with which he MUST be familiar in the context of intergalactic diplomacy, aggression, wars, etc. -- he should know Riker is bluffing at least 1/14th of the time. Note: that's not one-quarter of the time, it's one-fourteenth of the time.
But Data's fold isn't really his biggest mistake though. He played this last round of betting completely thoughtlessly. He forgot basic logic. But this isn't a Gotcha! Star Trek Mistake -- I'm going to try to explain it.
I'd say it's probably because he's simply never been exposed to this particular sort of logic or strategy in regards to games, and he doesn't always make the logical or verbal connections that we think he should. For example, his ongoing difficulty with idioms is puzzling -- hasn't he read, like, a LOT of human literature?
He plays plenty of chess and while you can sort of bluff in chess, there is also obviously no hidden information. You can't openly lie in chess, the closest you can do is misdirection and even that obviously isn't at the heart of chess strategy.
Anyway maybe I'm being harsh on a newcomer, but Data's whole action here on the last round is bad. Why is he leading out for 10 chips if he's going to fold to a raise??? That is his real mistake.
Riker will literally never, ever, ever, ever, ever just call him. If Riker has a flush, Data cannot beat it and this is open information. With just 1 hole card, Data's best possible hand here is three Queens (which he happens to have). He can never have a full house or anything else that can beat a flush -- it's impossible with just 1 hole card. And because Riker's highest card showing is a Jack, it's also open information that if he does not in fact have a flush, he cannot possibly beat Data's one pair of Queens that are showing.
Data leading out for 10 chips here is awful, if he's folding to a raise. You can't bet/fold just can't. What was the purpose of Data's 10 chip bet? It's certainly not a bluff, but it's also not a value bet because Riker cannot ever have a hand like a pair of Kings -- something he might call with (which could beat Data's board but might not be the winning hand, since Data could have two pair or three Queens). Riker also cannot have two pair. He either has a flush or he's losing to Q-Q, and again this is all open information.
Since Riker will never ever call, it is impossible for Data to make a value bet. The only possible value his bet has is if he thinks it will induce Riker to bluff more chips.
This is very similar to the hand where Dr. Crusher was showing Q-Q and Riker was trying to bluff her. It was the same thing -- either Riker had a flush, which would 100% be the best hand, but if he didn't have a flush he couldn't possibly beat Crusher's Q-Q on the board. In that hand, on the final round of betting, she bet, other people folded, Riker raised big, Crusher re-raised, Riker re-raised even bigger, and she called. She HAD TO CALL, because just like this hand when she re-raised him it's impossible for it to be a value raise, because he is never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever just calling. Her opening bet on that hand was maybe to see what everybody else (Data and Worf) might also do, but when it's down to her and Riker she cannot make a value bet. Just like Data's bet of 10 chips here -- it is logically impossible for it to be a value bet. Quite literally the only value it has is that it may induce Riker to bluff off more chips. So when he does, she has to call, just like Data has to call Riker's raise here.
Data should bet-call or check-call at the end here. I mean, a (very bad) argument could be made for check-folding...but bet-folding is illogical.
Fortunately Data's not a Vulcan, and I think it's fairly normal for him to make oddly simple mistakes when first encountering or trying something. Data learns extremely quickly, but often is pretty 'dumb' to things that one would think should be obvious to him (like idioms). Even after reading volumes of writings about a subject he often won't really "get it" until he experiences it and/or discusses it with somebody who can answer his questions. I think this tendency can explain why he made such bad decisions here, on fourth and fifth street, but really especially at the end (fifth street). He just didn't "get it" yet.
Note that Riker didn't have to show his bluff, since everybody folded. But he wanted Data to learn the strategy of the game, and this one hand seemed to have a major impact on Data's understanding of poker strategy.
Also, even though it's a really bad fold by Data, I guess I don't hate the raise from Riker. His main problem is that he's playing 10-2 offsuit. The only way he could win this particular hand was to bluff if he caught some hearts, so if he folds now after he catches a miracle scary board then he's really never getting any kind of value from this.
If you're gonna play absolute garbage then you're gonna have to bluff a lot -- or else lose a lot -- cuz you're gonna have the worst hand a lot.
And Riker knows Data is brand new to the game, and Data just gave a little speech about how simple the game is but didn't mention bluffing. And it only costs Riker 20 chips here to make a raise which Data may read as strong.
Riker's raise at the end I guess is correct...but I completely hate the way he played himself into this mess. He should have folded on the first round of betting. He also should have folded on the second round of betting. On the third round of betting I guess by now he might as well keep going and try to catch a bluffable card, although I don't like his raise.
Here on the end when he actually catches a bluffable card he's gotta go for it, otherwise why even bother staying in?? He's never going to make the actual best hand here, with the offsuit 2 in the hole.
Data's Q♥ in the hole is one less heart in the deck that Riker could have as his hole card. If Riker is sometimes bluffing and sometimes has it, then Data having a heart as his hole card makes it a bit more likely that this is one of the times Riker's bluffing. There are still a number of cards Riker could be holding that would give him a flush, but he can't have the Q♥.
"Card removal" -- adjusting your idea of your opponent's range of likely hands based on the hidden card(s) that you have which block hands could have had -- comes more into play in other poker games, but it's not irrelevant here.
As it was Data's first time playing I'm not sure he was considering that his hole card had zero actual value to his hand at this point other than card removal adjustment of how likely it is that Riker's bluffing. I wouldn't say it's impossible that Data is considering this because, again, that's the only reason for Data to care what his hole card is. It's open information to everyone that Data's hole card is irrelevant...except for the purpose of looking at card removal. But that shouldn't really have much effect on Data's decision here anyway, since all he knows is that there's 1 less unknown heart. Changes it from 8 hole cards Riker would win with to 7.
And of course having a heart in the hole should make Data a little more likely to call, which he doesn't, but maybe he was in fact considering how much that 1 card mattered, it just didn't sway his (very bad) decision to fold. It shouldn't have even been a part of the decision, but maybe he was paying too much attention to certain minor things like that because he was so new to the game. It's the only reason for him to look at his hole card here (other than to "play dumb" like in the hand with Neelix, but Data is not doing that here).
Card removal can really come into play in Texas Hold'em and can get pretty interesting. Say you have Q♥Q♠ and you see a flop against 1 opponent, after making a big re-raise with your Queens before the flop. The flop is 10♥ 5♥ 2♠, and let's say there are some big bets back and forth and then your opponent goes all-in..
Based everything going on, (your knowledge of the player, the action pre-flop and on the flop, and maybe you're deep in a big tournament and you have more chips than them, etc. etc.) let's say you're pretty certain your opponent is not on a pure bluff. You think they probably have a very big hand or big draw. You want them to have a flush draw if you're going to call, because you're getting good odds to call if they do have a flush draw a lot of the time. But iff they have a very big hand on that flop and it's not a flush draw, then it's probably better than Q-Q
There's a straight draw on that board with 4-3, but your opponent wouldn't have played 4-3 pre-flop here, so what flush draws can they have based on the pre-flop action? Definitely A♥K♥ or A♥Q♥, very probably A♥J♥ and K♥Q♥ , and maybe Q♥J♥ . Based on everything (pre-flop action, etc.) you doubt they'd have something like 8♥7♥ , or A♥9♥ . They might have played A♥10♥ pre-flop but the 10♥ is on the board so they can't have that.
So really there are 5 flush draws that you think they could probably have (A-K, A-Q, A-J, K-Q, Q-J). But because one of your Queens happens to be hearts, you can eliminate three of those holdings as impossible.
That might not seem like a big deal but it actually is (in certain hands).
Your opponent would probably play this hand exactly like this if they had A-A and K-K, and those become more likely because you can eliminate a lot of flush draws. Your opponent could also have 10-10 which means they flopped three 10s and have you crushed. If 5-5 is in their pre-flop range, that also has you crushed, with a third 5 on the board. Maybe they have J-J or exactly the other two Queens in the deck, but most of their likely non-flush-draw holdings would seem to be way way ahead of you.
Maybe, depending on all sorts of things (like how much of your chip stack you'd be risking, if it's a tournament or cash game, etc), if you had Q♦Q♠ instead of a heart you might have leaned toward calling, since the other possible flush draws with the Q♥ would be "live" in your opponent's range, making it X% more likely they have a flush draw, so X% less likely they have three of a kind or K-K or A-A.
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Merlin - Camelot & Co. + New Lines

Synthesis [Camelot & Co]
Good evening. It's a boisterous yet wonderful night, isn't it? Creating an artificial paradise in the middle of the wilderness... It's such a dream-like story. I haven't had much opportunities to appear, so now, I've come to play! How about it, Master? Won't you play together with me all night, until the morning comes?
Battle(Camelot & Co)
Battle Start
1 Now, it's time to gamble! Though I'm good at it, I should wait and see first.
2 Unfortunately, I'm very busy, so let's end this in a flash!
3 Since it's summer time, battles, sightseeing, and refreshing things are all good!
1 Relax~ relax~!
2 Now then, time to start counting~
3 I'll bet all my chips on you, I'm counting on you~!
4 I'll give my strongest cards to you.
5 Relax~ relax~! 「FOU!」 Buwah!
6 Now then, time to start counting~ 「FOU!」 Dohaa!
Command Cards
1 Oh, is it time to go?
2 Okay~!
3 If that is your wish.
NP Card
1 Let's talk of a happy ending.
2 Welcome to the edge of Paradise.
1 It's just an easy magic.
2 How about this?
3 Hahahahaha!
4 Slash!
5 Sorry about that~!
6 Phew~!
Extra Attack
1 It's still not enough? I feel the same!
2 It's because it's summer, time to go flashy!
Damage from NP
1 What did I do wrong?!
Regular Damage
1 Whoops!
1 I shall withdraw into the world of dreams for the time being.
2 Hm~ maybe it would've been better to borrow a cat's paw?*
1 Was it a satisfactory result? Then, that's excellent.
2 Are you tired? Then, rest well later and have a good dream.
My Room
Are you enjoying the casino? Then, that's great! The substance your brain secretes when you gamble is very stimulating. It's vibrant yet simple, much like the feeling of liberation while free falling. Is this what they call a "thrill"? For me, it's like alcohol. Though it's not gratitude for some future day, I'd like for you to steadily exude it more!
New Lines
Battle Start
1 Is it my turn? Hey, this guy looks strong!
1 I believe in the path you'll take. Now, go!
2 What~ I can do anything, you know!
3 Leave it to me! I'll end this like a dream-...! 「FOU!」Buwah!
4 Then, let me tinker around here-...! 「FOU!」Buwahah!
NP Card
1 In here is one small window.
1 I'm better at this!
2 What, this is an extra service!
Extra Attack
1 Well then, I should get serious!
1 A place with no walls, no castles, no countries, the sky of the beginning. The primordial star shining from the earth. Let me show you where the soul resides― The Forever Sealed Utopia, Garden of Avalon!
*Borrowing a cat's paw - A Japanese idiom, for when you're too swamped with something that you're desperate enough to ask a cat for help, even though they'll be no help anyway.
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Volume 90 SBS Translation

Hello again! Some of you may remember me as the person that did the volume 89 SBS translation. I did a full translation for all the revealed images in the megathread so far!
Images taken from this album in the SBS megathread
Q: In Chapter 847, Perospero called Nami, who was soaked with syrup, “Candy-chan”. After that, he licked her right? I’ve been thinking about it so much that I can’t focus on anything else! Please draw Perospero licking Nami! Please!! P.N. Aspiring Author Girl
Oda: Okay. OF COURSE NOT!! (You think I would do that!!) I thought this postcard was from some perverted old man but…you’re a girl!! Don’t you think this topic is a little too indecent!? SBS is a place for relaxation for a wholesome author and wholesome boys and girls. Can you not dirty it up!?
Q: Odaodaodacchi! I thought of something extremely good!! Pufferfish are extremely delicious but are poisonous right? But what if every time after I ate it, I had Reijuu suck the poison out of my body, not only would it be delicious but also Reijuu and I would… (Mufufu) Two birds with one stone right? (Side note: this is literally what it says in Japanese, I didn’t know they had the same idiom) P.N. Overly Pure 25 year old
Oda: I understand~! So first you would get poisoned, but Reijuu would come to save you…Of course she wouldn’t (Not super sure exactly what the sentence says but this should be the gist)!!! You pervert!!! Any pufferfish eaten at a store is safe.
Q: [Pirates][40 years ago][Garp] with these things coming out I can’t help thinking about Shakki. Does Shakki have something to do with “Rocks”? P.N. WEJ part-timer
Oda: Oof…!! Why are you remembering all these things from 40 years ago? I…I don’t know anything! Fu…Fu Fu
Q: Hello!! Oda-sensei!! Big mom has many ex-husbands right. How were these husbands chosen?? Did she go on arranged marriage dates (Omiai) or something like that!? P.N. Big Mane (Copy)
Oda: She’s a pirate. They were people she stole away. They had kids and then she threw them away!! Her only goal was to have children of many different races. She’s a scary woman.
Q: During Big Mom’s latest hunger pang, what would have happened to Totto Land if she didn’t want to eat the Wedding Cake? I don’t think they would have been able to make the Wedding Cake again… P.N. Akibee
Oda: You have a point! Akibee-san is very sweet for worrying about the future of Totto Land. So, for the sake of argument, would the people evacuate from Totto Land? The New World is a dangerous ocean. The families and citizens of Totto Land only stay safe because they use the name of Big Mom in order to protect themselves. Even if there is the risk of another dangerous situation, they would still choose to stay close to Big Mom. This is probably one of the main dilemna’s of the people of Totto Land – living alongside “Great Power” comes with the reality of who that person is! (Serious huh!)
Q: When Big Mom was a kid, was the Gerth she used to hang out with the same beautiful ship’s doctor Gerth in the New Giant’s Pirate Crew that appeared on the cover page of Chapter 901? P.N. Assistant
Oda: Yes, you’re right. 63 years ago, Big Mom was 5 and Gerth was 12. So currently, Big Mom is 69 and Gerth is 75. Giants have a lifespan of 300 years so Gerth is still a young.
Q: Hey, welcome welcome! The cool SBS is starting~! P.N. Saya
Oda: Ah its that season again huh. It’s starting to get hotter. Bring me another dish, old man! The sound of windchimes still feels good. Huh? It’s already done? Then I’ll start eating? Chewing noises. As expected of summer, cool SB….IS NOT STARTING!!! (Even though summer is over)
Q: Nami’s dream is to draw a map of the world that she has seen herself. Is she properly drawing as they travel? P.N. Shoe Coco
Oda: Of course she is. After dinner she goes to draw and write in her journal. Since they need her during the day in order to keep things moving, she has to navigate to keep things sailing smoothly. There are a ton of things that need to be done on deck.
Q: Odacchi, heso!! The illustration on the cover of Chapter 900 has Chopper-san’s eyes drawn a little…Has Chopper-san fallen in love or something? Please let us know! We all would all like Chopper to stay as everyone’s rather than belonging to one girl (Lol). P.N. Daiya
Oda: He hasn’t really met anybody in particular. Even thogh he is part human and part reindeer, the person he would want to date the most would be Milky-chan from the Mink tribe. However, if Chopper really does fall in love one day, even I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. Why? Because [Love is always a Hurricane!].
Q: Flaming Attachan finally made his appearance in Chapter 905 right? He called Morgans chief at that time, does he work for the World Economic Journal? Fire!! P.N. Match and Takeshi
Oda: Yes he does. He is indeed the cameraman “Flaming Attachan”. He used to be the head of the Marine Photography Department but he forgot to take off the lens cap 57 times until finally he was fired. After that he was picked up by Morgans. Currently, Flaming Attachan is working for WEJ using a camera without a lens, still shouting “Fire!”
Q: Oda-san, hello! After the fight with Katakuri, Luffy covered his exposed mouth with his hat right? Both of them were really cool!! I thought to myself how I also want to cover your "Mark of a man" with a hat if I ever found you sleeping naked by the side of the road, Oda-san!! P.N. Neon
Oda: It happens doesn’t it, sometimes you would just see Oda-san sleeping naked by the side of the road. But could you even cover it? Could a hat ever cover MY MARK OF A MAN!? (Okay enough’s enough. I am in good health.)
Q: Sensei, you’re always answering all these perverted questions. Does your wife ever get mad about this? P.N. Bigya
Oda: My wife laughs at everything so everything is okay! Thanks for worrying about my home life!! The fact that SBS is like this isn’t my fault!!
Q: Odacchi! We know what Luffy and Ace look like at 40 and 60 so please can we also see Sabo at 40 and 60? P.N. Oda-mania bro
Oda: Well, I drew it but I don’t know if this is what will actually happen in the future or not
Top row:
  • Age 40: That guy has freedom, isn’t that nice
  • Age 60: Straw-hat was involved in an incident? I’ll leave it alone…
Bottom row (a future if something happened/went wrong):
  • Age 40: Everyone other than nobles are garbage!!
  • Age 60: Do you know Luffy? He’s my younger brother. He’ll pay for me so just one more cup…
Oda: So this time, the questions of “Who are these people from Big Mom’s crew? How old are they?” were asked by [P.N. Matcha-man kun], [P.N. Atsugon Pal], and [P.N. Momo Dog-san]. I’ll answer you all at once. The sources are from Chapters 848, 854, and 864.
  • 13th son (Age 42): Basskarte
  • 15th son (Age 41): Noisette
  • 22th son (Age 34): Saint-Marc
  • 24th son (Age 32): Dacquoise
  • 28th son (Age 28): Kat
  • 25th daughter (Age 25): Myukuru
  • 42th son (Age 14): Anglais
  • 45th son (Age 9): Dolce
  • 46th son (Age 9): Dragee
  • 39th daughter (Age 8): Anana
Q: Oda-san hello! I have a quick question. Charlotte Mont D’or, Charlotte Opera. These two haven’t had their fruit names revealed yet. Please tell us about them. P.N. Boil
Oda: Okay. Mont D’or ate the Book Book Fruit and became a Book Human. He can turn any living thing that is still alive into a specimen, fly in the sky within the book, pull people into the story of a book. I think his power is variable and interesting enough that he could even be the boss of his own series. Opera ate the Kuri Kuri Fruit (Cream) and became a Cream Human. He can manipulate the cream that comes out of his body and hit you with new attack concepts based on “sweetness”. He’s a troublesome enemy
Q: I have a question for the SBS! Smoker-san, Tashigi-san, and Hina-san – what are their hobbies?
Oda: Okay.
  • Smoker: Pottery and Casino
  • Tashigi: Reading books about katanas and papercut art
  • Hina: Horseback riding and clubbing
Q: I really like Crocodile, Mihawk, and Doflamingo. These three haven’t left behind any offspring, are they going to be single forever? If they did have children, what would their faces look like? P.N. Purple Panda
Oda: They do have experience with weddings --. I don’t know whether or not they had children but you can enjoy my imagination. And with that, see you next SBS!
  • Crocodile kid: I have completed my homework father!
  • Mihawk kid: What do you want, Rabbit-bastard
  • Doflamingo kid: Papa, my allowance was stolen, give me some more.
Q: Oda-san hello! What are the things going Bachi Bachi on the ends of Sweet commander Cracker’s hair? How is his Manteau attached as well? P.N. Chewy Donut
Oda: Well for the manteau, it’s the usual “Power of the Heart” making sure it stays on. The problem is the Bachi Bachi stuff. The truth is, while I was drawing it, I was also wondering what this Bachi Bachi stuff is. Ahahahahahaha. While designing him, I sort of just drew it randomly and it ended up looking cool so I thought “Well, whatever”. Later on I came up with the name Cracker and thought, doesn’t this sort of give the image of a firecracker? So most likely, its some sort of explosive.
Q: Oh? Oh Oh~?? Baratie got much bigger when it showed up in Chapter 902. Has it really been prospering? <3 Yay!! I want to tell Sanji-kun! By Chopa
Oda: Yes exactly! This is the completed version of what was being constructed on the cover story of Chapter 625! Furthermore, Meat Master Carne and Patissiere Patty are running their own shops that are connected to the main building. The three areas together are now known as [Sea Restaurant Baratie].
I'm by no means a professional translator so please let me know if you see anything that should be changed!
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Literary Destiny: Primary Weapons!

Hey all, 30,000 words later, I've finished the rough draft of my thesis, so I get to reward myself with this!
It is an attempt to catch all the literary references in Destiny's flavor texts–I did armor last week, you can find that post here!
Obviously, since I'm not a writer in Destiny, nor do I know any of the writers, this will not 100% complete–but I read a lot, so maybe it'll be close!
Without more ado about nothing, here's the primary weapons! They're organized by class, and then roughly in descending order of rarity.

Auto Rifles

Fabian Strategy: Wait for enemy to make a mistake. Die. Stand by for Ghost Resurrection. Repeat as necessary.
Interestingly, despite its name being the an actual military strategy, the use of Fabian Strategy really doesn't seem in line with that strategy. The actual strategy is one of attrition, guerrilla warfare, and light skirmishes, as opposed to the frontline fighting the gun espouses. The strategy itself was named after Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus Cunctator (can't make this stuff up), a Roman dictator who pioneered it against Hannibal, a legendary Carthaginian commander. Fun fact, his cognomen–or honorary last name–Verrucosus, means 'warty', a reference to a wart on his upper lip.
((GENESIS CHAIN~)): ~if(input(SIVA)) // echo Shirazi // output(death) // ask(not in vain)~
I think this is a reference to James 4:3:
3You ask and do not receive, because you ask wrongly, in order to spend what you get on your pleasures.
New Revised Standard Version. 'Ask not in vain', as it were. I'm not 100% about this one simply because it's not a great fit, but 'ask not in vain' is a pretty iconic phrase.
Monte Carlo: There will always be paths to tread and methods to try. Roll with it.
Uhh, so this is a reference to the Monte Carlo method, which, according to Wikipedia, is, "a broad class of computational algorithms that rely on repeated random sampling to obtain numerical results." If someone with relevant expertise could explain this better, I'll edit it in, but for now, I'll take a whack at it: as a part of risk analysis, Monte Carlo methods allow you to simulate a large number of possible outcomes, so you can better make decisions under uncertainty. Of course, it is also a reference to the Monte Carlo principality in Monaco, particularly its opera-house-cum-casino, from which the RNG of the Monte Carlo method takes its name.
Abyss Defiant: We will not go quietly.
A reference to Welsh poet Dylan Thomas' "Do not go gentle into that good night", all of which is fabulous, but I will quote just a short stanza here:
Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light. 
As Guardians, we're pretty conditioned against the 'dying of the light', so this one definitely feels like a good fit.
Arminius-D: Unleash a torrent on your enemies with the Häkke Arminius-D.
The name is of Arminus (german, Hermann), a legendary German commander who lived in both the BCE and CE, and gave the Romans their greatest defeat at the Battle of Teutonberg, in 9CE. Arguably one of the most important battles in history, it likely stopped Roman advancement past the Rhine permanently–which is likely the "torrent" referenced in the flavor text.
Zarinaea-D: You provide the will, and the Häkke Zarinaea-D provides the way.
A Sacae woman, who also fought in battles. Wife of the Parthian (ayyyyy, see pulse rifles, below) King Marmares. Her story is related in Ctesias' history of the Persian empire, Persica.
Paleocontact JPK-43: An auto rifle, modified by Dead Orbit's superb technicians and specialists.
Paleocontact is the idea that aliens rendezvoused with early humans and influenced civilization. It is generally considered a pseudo-historic theory at best, and falls under "Ancient astronauts". No idea about the "JPK-43" part, unfortunately.
Questing Beast: You'll never catch it. But that's not the point.
A reference to Arthurian legend, the Questing Beast is a vicious monster, and a, "... subject of quests undertaken by famous knights such as King Pellinore, Sir Palamedes, and Sir Percival". Its description was quite ferocious:
The strange creature has the head and neck of a snake, the body of a leopard, the haunches of a lion, and the feet of a hart.[1] Its name comes from the great noise that it emits from its belly, a barking like "thirty couple hounds questing". 'Glatisant' is related to the French word glapissant, 'yelping' or 'barking', especially of small dogs or foxes.
More contemporary incarnations can be found in The Magicians series by Lev Grossman, and possibly South Park? Unsurprisingly, it also makes an appearance in the Merlin TV series. Thanks to Phoenity1 for pointing that one out!
Zero-Day Dilemma: There's no defense against it.
A reference to zero-day vulnerabilities, which are computer vulnerabilities found and exploited before the developers can come up with a solution or workaround–thus the 'zero-day' moniker.
For The People: I stand against the state of nature.
A reference to Thomas Hobbes' "natural condition of mankind", from Leviathan. A 'state of nature' was the theoretical idea of man's existence before society. A really interesting exploration of that idea is Ḥayy ibn Yaqẓān, a philosophical work by Ibn Tufail–Arabic, أبو بكر محمد بن عبد الملك بن محمد بن طفيل القيسي الأندلسي– which tells the story of a young man raised entirely in nature by animals, who only comes into contact with society later on in his life.
Izudabar-D: Millenia will pass, and still your name will ring out.
"Izdubar" was the initial translation of the name Gilgamesh, who of course is the protagonist of the Epic of Gilgamesh a fabulous (and surprisingly short!) ancient Mesopotamian epic poem, which is considered the first example of the genre.
Bronzed Miyamoto-D: An aggressive Häkke auto rifle, earned through glory in the Crucible.
A reference to the later-era (1600s) Japanese swordsman and strategist, Miyamoto Musashi–Japanese, 宮本 武蔵–and likely not the co-founder of Nintendo! In his later years, he wrote The Book of Five Rings, a treatise on strategy, tactics and philosophy.
Galahad-E: This extraordinary multirole rifle boasts a smartmatter frame, the key to remarkable capabilities.
More Arthurian legend! Sir Galahad is the illegitimate son of Lancelot and Elaine of Corbenic, ironically renowned for his purity and gallantry. He appeared quite late in the Medieval Arthurian legends, but became much more common in the later narratives, like Le Morte d'Arthur. Ultimately, he is considered to be the only night of Arthur's table worthy to see the Holy Grail and ascend to Heaven.
Shingen-E: The exemplary Shingen-E is built to pop skulls.
One of my old favorites (still sad I sharded it, though :( alas for small vaults), it likely references another 16th century feudal Japanese lord, Takeda Shingen–Japanese, 武田 信玄. A commander of "exceptional military prestige" during the Sengoku period, his alleged death by sniper was depicted by Kurosawa in the movie Kagemusha. It will be the 444th anniversary of his death on May 13th!
Longespée-A: When all around you is chaos, the dependable Longespée-A won't fail you.
A reference to William Longespée (literally, 'long sword' ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)), 3rd Earl of Salisbury. Renowned for being friggin' huge and having a friggin' huge sword. Go figure. He died in 1226, and was buried in Salisbury Cathedral. Five hundred and fifty years later, his tomb was opened, and a well-preserved rat was found inside his skull. I guess you could say it was skulking around? He got ratted out, though!
SUROS TYR-14: Stable. Dependable. Rapid-fire. SUROS.
Reminding me of how much I hate Suros' flavor text style, I'm not 100% sure about this one, because most of the 'cheap' Suros weapons have three-letter acronyms at the end of their name, so this might be coincidence. But, Týr is an ancient Germanic/Norse god, either the son of Odin, by the Prose Edda, or Hymar, by the Poetic Edda. Associated with war and might. Had his hand bit off by Fenrir, and is therefore known also known as 'The Leavings of the Wolf' which is an honorific, rather than a dig at him. His name is also where we get 'Tuesday' (Týr's-day)!
Cydonia-AR3: The City can't rely on a steady supply of programmable matter, so the multirole AR3 uses it only sparingly.
A region of Mars, but also a surname of Athena. That region of Mars was also where we found 'the Face of Mars', a rock formation whose shadows made it look like a face. Pretty neat.

Pulse Rifles

Herja-D: Devastate your foes with the deadly precision of the Häkke Herja-D.
More from the Prose Edda! This is a Valkyrie (demigoddesses of war, they would ride into battles and pick the worthy dead to come with them to Valhalla) specifically named in one of the two Nafnaþulur lists. Etymologically, it is also related to the Old Norse herja and Old High German herjón, both of which mean 'destruction' or 'devastation'.
Apple of Discord: "For the Fairest."
Huge shout-out to G3vanB, I'll put their analysis here:
Eris, godess of strife, supposedly throws one:
An apple of discord is a reference to the Golden Apple of Discord (Greek: μῆλον τῆς Ἔριδος) which, according to Greek mythology, the goddess Eris (Gr. Ἔρις, "Strife") tossed in the midst of the feast of the gods at the wedding of Peleus and Thetis as a prize of beauty, thus sparking a vanity-fueled dispute among Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite that eventually led to the Trojan War.
The Apple was inscribed with ΤΗΙ ΚΑΛΛΙΣΤΗΙ The translation is the Gun's flavour text.
Interesting to note the Goddess of Strife's name ...
Hawksaw: A northwesterly wind is blowing.
Perhaps one of the more well-known references to our dear Bard, this is from Hamlet, Act 2, Scene 2, Line 351:
HAMLET I am but mad north-north-west. When the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw. 
We're all mad, mad I tell you! Thanks to pocsaclypse for pointing that one out!
Parthian Shot: Who's got the last laugh now?
A military tactic turned literary term, a Parthian shot is an insult or retort delivered as the speaker was leaving. It eventually evolved into the much more well-known 'parting shot' in a delightful little bit of linguistic movement. It comes from a strategy developed by the Parthians, ancient Iranian peoples, where they would ride their horses away from the enemy while firing their bows at said enemy. Of course, it was also before the development of stirrups, so this was a technique that required a truly sublime mastery of equestrian skill. Imagine shooting a bow, while riding a horse, that you're only controlling with the muscles in your legs. Insane.
Smite of Merain (Adept): Barrel etching: "He parted them like a sea, which closed upon him again."
It's not exact, but any references to any parting of any seas are of course biblical in nature–Exodus, 14:21-15:19. Just taking the most similar quote I can find:
26 Then the LORD said to Moses, "Stretch out your hand over the sea, so that the water may come back upon the Egyptians, upon their chariots and chari- ot drivers."
14:26, NRSV. As usual, that particular act of God is followed with a great deal of praise.
The Messenger: From deep within the shadows it came—a messenger borne on black wings.
The personification of death often includes a pair of black wings. Crows and Ravens (and many other members of the Corvus family), often thought of as battlefield scavengers, are black. This feels like it should be a specific reference, but honestly it's more a trope than anything.
Hopscotch Pilgrim: It's a long road. Enjoy it.
In a seriously impressive bit of detective work, JohnnyFlack found that this is actually referencing:
Oh oh i found this while reading about the origins of hopscotch...
"In Cuba and in Puerto Rico it is called "La Peregrina" (meaning "Pilgrim Girl") and the squares represent the 9 rings the pilgrim traveler has to pass in order to reach Heaven from Purgatory according to Dante's Inferno."
Here's the Wikipedia article!
Moriaen-D: You are a child of many peoples, a protector of all cultures.
More Arthurian literature. This is a 13th century romance, called Moriaen, whose story of the titular hero follows him as he first attempts to find his father, and meets with famous knights of the round table, like Lancelot and Gawain. Once his father Aglovale is found, they return to his mother and take back her rightful lands. He is Moorish after his mother, but obviously is also a part of the Arthurian tradition. Thus the 'child of many cultures'.
Lump Distribution: This nimble rifle's on-board tactical systems keep a scrupulous tally of combat stats.
Besides looking totally neat, the gun refers to a Lump-Sum Distribution, which is, "... the distribution or payment within a single tax year of a plan participant's entire balance from all of the employer's qualified plans of one kind (for example, pension, profit-sharing, or stock bonus plans)." Thanks for that, IRS.
Painted Apollo MSc: A highly accurate Nadir firearm, earned through glory in the Crucible.
Our first Nadir gun! Apollo is the Greek god of, among other things, music, poetry, art, oracles, archery, plague, medicine, sun, light and knowledge. Wicked important, very well known. Has a sister, Artemis.
Painted Neptune MSc: A high velocity Nadir firearm, earned through glory in the Crucible.
I'm sensing a naming trend, though perhaps not a consistent! Neptune is the Roman god of the sea and freshwater, and is the counterpart to the Greek Poseidon.
Hotspur-A: Piezopolymer paneling makes the Häkke Hotspur-A a balanced war machine.
Hey! This is interesting. The green Häkke weapons are named after English noblemen! This one is after Henry 'Hotspur' Percy. Led a bunch of rebellions against Henry IV and was eventually killed at the Battle of Shrewsbury by an arrow to the face. Get rekt kiddo. He also featured as a character in Shakespeare's Henry IV, part I.

Scout Rifles

Fate of All Fools: *"The wise man knows his fate. The fool merely finds it."
I orignally thought this was a reference to Matthew, but turns out it's not–check out the story below!
A really excellent explanation of this from Voroxpete, which makes much more sense:
The Fate of All Fools - This one is actually a reference to a videogame... Specifically, Marathon, the series that Bungie created back in 1994, and from which many, many elements of both Halo and Destiny are derived. Rather apropo, given that the weapon was originally gifted to a long time fan who was recovering from brain cancer.
The specific reference is to this scene from Marathon 2:
Tycho's ship has been destroyed. The crater where it annihilated itself on Lh'owon's inner moon is still glowing. There were no survivors. With a focused message laser I burned his epitaph into the surface near the crash site, in letters three hundred meters high: "Fatum Iustum Stultorum."
The speaker in that scene is Durandal, an incredibly powerful rampant AI (wow, gee, its almost like Bungie have some kind of fixation on powerful rogue AIs or something). Tycho is another very powerful AI, acting under the control of an alien empire and sent to destroy or capture Durandal.
The phrase in latin at the end is a little bit wonky (hiring experts to get your dead languages right wasn't exactly a thing in nineties video game design), but it's more or less agreed that the intended translation is something like "The just fate of the foolish"...
Or "The fate of all fools."
Cocytus SR4: The Omolon Cocytus SR4 will drown your enemy in a river of pain.
Thanks to scapulargolem for this:
The 'Cocytus' is referencing the black river surrounding Dis/Hades (The underworld) in Classical mythology. It's mentioned many times in Virgil's Aeneid book 6. It's flavour text reflects this.
Incidentally, in some versions of the tale, the Cocytus Styx was supposedly the river Achilles was submerged in to make him invulnerable. He was held by his ankle, thus making his ankle his only weak spot–his Achilles heel (thanks to thyrandomninja for that clarification!).
And some additional context from Owasippe_Ninja! Thanks!
Awesome. Also, in Dante's Inferno, Cocytus is the frozen lake of the Ninth circle of hell, encasing not only Lucifer himself, but those who betray a bond of trust with others like benefactors, countrymen, and family. The ice is formed by the tears of the Old Man of Crete, which are described as being frozen sorrow and pain, and the frozen winds blown up by the wings of Lucifer. The worst betrayers (who aren't being devoured in the three heads of Lucifer) are fully encased in the ice in a the region called Judecca, named supposedly for Judas Iscariot (although there's more to Judecca than just Judas, check out its use in medieval city planning and general attitudes of Italian Christians of the time to Jews). So seems to fit the flavor text of "drowning enemies in a river of pain."
Additional small bit from another stealthy person, thyrandomninja:
is not just a reference to a literal river, but the Cocytus is also the river of lamentation, or mournful woe. It not only drowns the enemy in front of you by shooting them, but their friends and family are drowned in mourning as well.
Tuonela SR4: Hell will freeze over before the Omolon Tuonela SR4 will fail you.
Ahahah funny joke, Bungo. In Finnish mythology, Tuonela is the equivalent of Hades. In Finnish Christianity, it is the word used for 'Hell' in translations of the Bible. In terms of a literary reference, though, Tuonela is featured in the Kalevela, a Finnish national epic. The protagonist (roughly speaking), Väinämöinen, travels there to seek the knowledge of the dead. It, uhh, went okay.
The Hero Formula: It's just so satisfying!
Okay, this is referencing one of two things: either Heron's formula, alternately spelled Hero's formula; or the Hero's journey, which, frankly, makes slightly more sense? The first is a mathematical formula that gives the area of a triangle by requiring no arbitrary choice of side as base or vertex as origin, where A=√(s-(s-a)(s-b)(s-c)). It's satisfying, I guess? Math isn't really my thing. The second refers to the 'monomyth' or the "common template of a broad category of tales that involve a hero who goes on an adventure, and in a decisive crisis wins a victory, and then comes home changed or transformed". The idea was originally put forward by Jason Joseph Campbell in his 1949 book on the subject, The Hero With a Thousand Faces.
Lethe Noblesse: Do not forget. Never forgive.
Many thanks to Johnny_Dirtbird for this one:
Good job. One other that I had in mind is the Queen's scout rifle, Lethe Noblesse. The flavor text is "Do not forget. Never forgive." From - Lethe is "a river in Hades whose water caused forgetfulness of the past in those who drank of it." Noblesse is a French word that means nobility. I know it from the phrase 'Noblesse Oblige' - nobility obligates. Putting the words together, my guess would be something like 'forgetfulness of nobility.'
High Road Soldier: The survival of civilization depends on our willingness to choose conscience over expedience.
Per S0rrowS0ng and JohnnyFlack, this is likely a reference to the common idiom (I mean, it bascially defines the concept in the flavor text) 'take the high road'. It could also be a winking reference to the chorus 'The Bonnie Bonnie Banks o' Loch Lomond':
O ye'll tak' the high road, and I'll tak' the low road, And I'll be in Scottland a'fore ye, But me and my true love will never meet again, On the bonnie, bonnie banks o' Loch Lomond. 
Zero Point LOTP: This much fun should be outlawed.
thyrandomninja has a great and funny explanation:
I'll do what I can to explain. Every object has "energy levels", whether it be an electron, a molecule, a snooker ball, or a planet. The DIFFERENCE between these energy levels is imperceptible to us because we exist on the macroscopic scale (i.e. we're too big to see tiny differences), so to us it looks continuous. On the microscopic level (e.g. electrons, these energy levels are relatively larger, and much more noticeable, which is what ultimately leads to all the "weird shit" in quantum mechanics, that doesn't show up in real life scenarios). Energy states are usually categorised as n=1, n=2, etc, where n is the number of that energy level. (Electrons NATURALLY tend to operate in n=1 through ~20 [give or take whatever - CERN like to add a few thousand/million/whatever n's in their accelerators :P ] territory, whereas a person is always on n = several fucking million) Zero Point Energy is the energy of an object at n=1. There is no n=0 (for reasons i won't get into here), and therefore no such thing as "having no energy". There is always SOME amount of energy in any given object, and you cannot get rid of it (that "some amount" is negligible compared to things we see in our lives, but that's not the point).
Relating to Life Of The Party, this is probably saying there's no such thing as a dead party. There is always SOME fun to be had, no matter what - the very idea a "life of the party" person would embody.
Alternatively, it could be a jab at the "life of the party" philosophy, by saying that "yeah, there's some fun, but it's negligible, and i'm going to go home", meaning the description takes on a more sarcastic approach.
The Scholar: You can't pull an all-nighter when the sun never sets.
Not really 'literature', but too relevant not to include ;)
Also, per goldenboot76:
Everyone probably knows this already, but the other reasoning behind the Scholar scout rifle's flavour text is the fact that Mercury's orbital period and rotational period are one and the same. As such, half of Mercury is in eternal sunlight, and the other is in eternal darkness.
Hence, the "You can't pull an all-nighter when the sun never sets.".
Thanks for that!
Lampad SR4: Let your enemies know: death will be their only companion.
The Lampads, or Lampedes, were spirits of the underworld in greek mythology. They accompanied Hecate and generally went around doing spooky stuff.
Orphne SR4: If death is the Darkness's way, let our Light defy their desire.
Orphne was a specific nymph of the Greek underworld. Also an alternate translation of Caliga, the goddess of Darkness.
Painted Abbadon SR5: A single-fire Omolon firearm, earned through glory in the Crucible.
Sharing its name with the exotic machine gun, Abbadon is either a "place of destruction" or an Angel of Death. Either way, not pleasant.
Just a quick clarification from westen81, thanks!
Abbadon is most usually associated with the angel of destruction (not necessarily death)..
Painted Sorg SR5: A powerful Omolon firearm, earned through glory in the Crucible.
In a large number of Germanic and Germanic-derived languages, 'sorg' means 'sorrow' or 'grieving'.
Primed Díyú SR5: A long range Omolon firearm, earned through glory in the Crucible.
Following a clear pattern here, 'Diyu' is the Chinese conception of Hell.
Silvered Kín SR5: A highly accurate Omolon firearm, earned through glory in the Crucible.
A Turkic word, it means, simply, 'pain'.
Bronzed Yamaduta SR5: An accurized Omolon Scout Rifle, earned through glory in the Crucible.
The Yamatuda are messengers of Death in the Hindu tradition.
Thanatos SR5: Where Death follows, new life will grow. Where new life grows... Death will follow.
Thanatos is the Greek personification of Death. He is the twin brother of Hypnos, the God of Sleep. Referenced in the Illiad:
... then send Death to carry him away, and Sleep who is painless ... 
The Iliad, 16.453-4. Richard Lattimore, translator.
Xibalba SR5: Tiled with picocircuitry, the Xibalba SR5 is fiendishly accurate and hungry to grow.
How many different conceptions of Hell can we find? This particular one refers to the Mayan realm of the dead. It shares its flavor text with the Acheron SR5. The Acheron is both a real river in Greece, but also another one of the five rivers of Hades. The Cocytus (discussed above) flows into it.
Naraka SR5: There will always be new hells to conquer.
hahah, no kidding about those 'new hells'. This specific hell is a particularly diverse amalgamate, finding its place in Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Buddhism. Modified to 'Neraka' in Indonesian and Malaysian, it also describes the Islamic concept of hell. Moreover, it also describes the servants and spirits of Hell when modified to 'Narakas'.
Garmr SR1: Death is hungry.
Garmr is a dog (or wolf) of the Underworld in Norse mythology. He is, "the blood-stained guardian of Hel's gate".
Shinigami SR1: Death comes for the City's foes. Let's not keep it waiting.
Shinigami–Japanese, 死神–are spirits or gods of death. They invite humans to death, and rule over the underworld. Fans of the anime Death Note will also remember their appearance in that series.

Hand Cannons

The Last Word: "Yours. Not mine." —Renegade Hunter Shin Malphur to Dredgen Yor
Many thanks to andreisse for this one!
I know it's based on a gun, and a speech... I'll try and find it.
The Last Word is likely based on a real-life counterpart called Revolver No. 5. It was a weapon devised in 1928 by Elmer Keith, a "firearms enthusiast" from Idaho renowned for his six-shot expertise. He wrote about this weapon in 1929, in an article titled "The Last Word".
Here's a link to a .pdf of the article.
Gaheris-D: Balanced and dependable, the Häkke Gaheris-D is a true warrior's weapon.
More Arthurian legends! Gaheris was the nephew of Arthur, and a knight of the round table. He is described as "... valiant, agile, handsome, reticent in speech, prone to excess when angered, and possessing a right arm longer than the left".
Judith-D: Headshots are strongly encouraged with the Häkke Judith-D.
So, there are a lot of things this could be, but most likely it is referencing Judith of Bethulia, an Israelite who beheaded the Assyrian general Holofernes. Headshots strongly encouraged, indeed! Incidentally, that poem is found in the same manuscript as Beowulf–the Nowell Codex.
Kumakatok HC4: When the Omolon Kumakatok HC4 comes knocking, even the Darkness locks its doors.
The kumakatok are three Philippine spirits, who walk from door to door, knocking and bringing bad omens. One is supposed to resemble a young woman, the other two old men–however, they obscure their faces with hoods. Seriously creepy.
The Devil You Know: Let's make a deal ...
A reference to the phrase, "Better the devil you know than the devil you don't", this is the only weapon I know of that actually completes the phrase in game. The Devil You Don't was widely acknowledged to be simply a worse version of TDYK, not only being an impact class lower, but also with worse base range. That's commitment to the joke right there.
Uffern HC4: Omolon's Uffern HC4 sentences the City's enemies to burn.
In what should be a surprise to nobody at this point, Uffern is the Celtic version of Hell. Unfortunately I can't source it beyond a three-word mention in the Wikipedia article on Hell.
A very helpful clarification by Rapstah–much appreciated!
"Uffern" is literally Welsh for "hell". "U" is a near-close central unrounded vowel, or even a short "i" sound in southern Welsh. The sound "f" is represented as "ff" in Welsh, so if you represent it as "yfern" it's clear that it's derived from Latin "infernus".
I wouldn't say it's the Celtic version of Hell, it's literally just what you would call the christian concept of Hell in Welsh.
Byronic Hero: Brood, baby, brood.
A type of anti-hero created and embodied by Lord Byron. Byronic Heroes are: "a man proud, moody, cynical, with defiance on his brow, and misery in his heart, a scorner of his kind, implacable in revenge, yet capable of deep and strong affection". Think Hamlet, with a touch of Han Solo.
Also possibly another more modern reference, per getedm8–thanks!
This may be a stretch, but with the Byronic Hero's flavor text, it could be a reference to Saturday Night Fever. More specifically, the song "Disco Inferno" where the main chorus sings "Burn, baby burn!"
Vortimer-D: Where you come from is not important. It's for what you do that you will be remembered.
Vortimer, or Saint Vortimer, was another English legend. He can be found in Geoffry of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britainniae–my copy of which I've misplaced, apologies–where he is a described as a Britonic king with a strong distaste for Saxons. Worked out well, he died though.
Rience-D: You will not suffer these invader kings to live.
Hey, wait, are you telling me Häkke named another one of their guns after an English legend?! Yes, yes I am: Rience was an English/Irish/Scottish/British king named in Arthurian legend. He is variously described as the king of North Wales, Ireland, and 'many Isles'. He had the habit of edging his robe with the beards of Kings he had conquered–by the time Arthur came along, he had eleven. Arthur's, of course, was to be the twelfth invader king that he would crush. Didn't work out so well. Gosh, I really hope that's not a predictor.
LOCK_ARETE: Her excellence lies in swiftness.
A confusing one, because arete-Greek, ἀρετή–is literally 'excellence', especially in regards to efficacy, but also in terms of bravery. Arete is also the wife of Alcinous of Scheria, described thus in the Odyssey:
... Alkínoös married her and hold her dear. No lady in the world, no other mistress of a man's household, is honored as our mistress is, and loved, by her own children, by Alkínoös, and by the people. When she walks the town they murmur and gaze, as though she were a goddess. No grace or wisdom fails in her; indeed just men quarrels come to her for equity ... 
The Odyssey, 7.70-8. Robert Fitzgerald, translator.
It wasn't originally my plan for these to go in descending order of references, but hey, that worked out nicely!
As I said in the beginning, I'm sure I've missed some, so don't hesitate to point them out.
Thanks so much for reading, Guardians, I really appreciate it!
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I listened to over 400 albums, LP’s and EP’s in 2017. I wanted to share my list and experience with you.

Hi reddit,
Initially this started out as a typical 365 Albums in 365 Days challenge. We’ve seen them before haven’t we? You’ve probably even tried one yourself I imagine. I enjoy keeping lists, and tracking what I do over a particular. I already keep a list of what films I watch throughout a year, what books I’ve read, and so on. It only made sense for me to track the albums I listen to, and that’s how I ended up doing the challenge. However, I found myself also listening to a wide range of shorter EP’s and LP’s.
When listening to EP’s it felt a bit like cheating. How could I justify listening to a 15 minute EP one day, and listen to a 3-hour triple-LP the next? I couldn’t, so to make it a bit fairer I increased the target to 400, and then to 430 which I was able to hit just after Christmas.
Please note that this is just a silly little project that I would like to share with you all, I don't take music all that seriously, nor do I judge other's for their music tastes, I used to do this privately as a teenager but realised how much of a dense motherfucker I was, so doing this list has allowed me to come full circle in that regard.
Below is a list of everything I listened to, but before that I should get into some context about my musical taste and some general notes on the list. I would advise reading these before jumping straight into the list, just so you have an idea of what to expect.
Notes on the list
So I listen to a wide variety of music, I don’t generally stick to one genre, although like anyone, I do have my favourites and preferences and this will become obvious as the list goes on. For context, my favourite genres (I’m going to deliberately cast a very wide net here) range from electronic, jazz, hard rock, metal, electro-swing, blues/roots rock and punk. Again, I would like to stress this is deliberately vague and a wide net just to give you a general idea of what I like and what to expect to find in the list. I know reddit is home to some the world's greatest pedants but I'm not going to debate if deadmau5 is progressive house, tech house or two-step-inspired-80s-funk-disco-big-beat. It doesn't matter to me.
I will be the first to admit that there is a lack of some genres in this list, most notably hip-hop, especially compared to other genres. I’m a 26-year old white male from the UK countryside, I’m not exactly the first person you’d expect to listen to rap and grime and stuff Although I will admit, as the list goes on that number does start to grow - I will come back to this shortly.
I should also provide a greater context for the start of the list, and why it starts out the way it does. Throughout 2016 I spent a large portion of the year listening to the back catalogue of Miles Davis. He has dozens of albums and I spent a huge chunk of the previous year going through them. You can actually see this in action at the very start with the three albums, Sorcerer, Nerfititi and Filles de Kilimanjaro all being played in a row right at the start. These were the last three of his major label albums I needed to listen to, so it kinda spilled over into 2017 I guess. The first album, Nearness, was nominated for best Jazz Instrumental Album in the Grammy’s back in January so I just saw that as a simple place to start I guess.
How was I able to do this? Well I started the year working a part-time job in a small office, virtually by myself, I was essentially the only person in the office 80% of the time, and it allowed me to build up a huge collection of music to listen to. From dear favourites, to albums I probably should have already heard. (I will explain how I complied this shortly) I would work 6-hours a day, which if you include 40-minute-there-and-back commute allowed me to listen to as many as 7 albums/EP’s in a day, although this didn’t always happen.
I also figured I could listen to a lot of albums in the gym, which I ended up doing. I would handpick more suitable, faster, more aggressive albums which didn’t always work- Snuff by Slipknot coming on in the middle of a great workout is an immediate hype-killer, albeit a lovely song. From August I switched jobs, and so the list slowed down considerably, but by that point I had already amassed 250 listens. The rest would be listened to in the gym, at home, or via my new 50-minute commute. I also listened to a lot of audiobooks in this time, I probably could have got close to 500 if I was even more dedicated.
My methods of finding, storing and listening to albums simply came down to using spotify, specifically the Discover Weekly, Release Radar and Related Artists sections. I know this sounds like a bit of a shill, but I couldn’t believe how useful these tools are. My advice to anyone who is looking to find new bands/artists to listen to go to your favourite band’s spotify/deezetidal/apple music page and go through their related artists till you find one you like. Then go through their related artists pages, and so on. It starts slowly at first but as your tastes develop you begin to find more things you like, you understand them better, and learn to know what you like - classic example, I don’t like post-hardcore music. I just don’t like ‘shouty metal’ as I call it (there are a few odd exceptions, like anything but I generally don’t go in for it). However, as it turned out, I kinda like it when it’s a female vocalist doing it. I really enjoyed the sounds of Blood Command and Sumo Cyco for instance. Yes, I understand that these bands aren't 'post-hardcore' for you genre-pedants out there.
So, what did I learn/find out? Going chronologically is that I’ve learned to love Metal again. For years I dismissed it as shouty, over-indulgent noise but finding bands that blur the line between rock and metal, as well as the weird and wonderful. In March I stumbled across Ghost and absolutely fell in love with them. The Satanic thing is of course a fun gimmick but I love the pop-filtered metal sound. It was exactly what I wanted. I really, really love the album Meliora. I’d also second this to the various symphonic-metal bands, particularly Nightwish and Within Temptation. Dark Passion Play and Hydra have quickly become all-time favourites. I could go on but I’m sure you metalheads will be able to find what you’re looking for in the list.
Secondly, I learned to appreciate Kanye. So what you want about him as a person, his musical creations are phenomenal. I greatly adore his later work (MBDTF, Yeezus and TLOP) Yeezus in particular is another all-time favourite. I’m indifferent on the first three albums which I know is going to shock some people, they’re fine albums but I just prefer the later stuff.
Third, I learned to like Grime. I always held off on it but after sampling the likes of Skepta, Stormzy and a few others I learned that when they bang, there is nothing else like it. This can be seen towards the final third/back end of the list. I know grime might not agree as a whole but Gangs Signs and Prayer was one of the best albums I heard from 2017, and if I were to do this list in 2018, there’d likely be more Grime present.
Fourth, King Gizz are just amazing. End of. Just wanted to get that one out there. I’ll likely be starting 2018 with Gumboot Soup.
Lastly, I wanted to do this to prove to myself that I really can learn to enjoy all kinds of different music, from a huge spectrum, and so can you. If you go in with an open mind you can appreciate all sorts of bands and artists, I looked forward to listening to even the most weird and experimental and I guess ‘challenging’ of music.
Speaking of which, I would just like to point out that I only failed to finish two albums off this list:
Toxicity by System of a Down and Sold Out by DJ Paypal. I just found SOAD to be annoying and frankly they just don’t click with me, although I have heard some of Serj’s other work which is great, I think I turned it off with about 4 songs left. Sorry SOAD fans, I see the appeal but it just simply didn’t click for me, it happens sometimes. The latter (Sold Out) just wasn’t very good in my opinion so I turned it off after about 10 or 15 minutes. It felt like it was put together by someone who didn’t understand how to compose music, like at all. There were maybe 3 or 4 other albums I turned off before finishing but I didn’t write these down.
That’s enough from me, if you would like to know more about the list, or have any more specific questions or what I thought of a particular band/artist/song/album, ask away! Here is the list:
  1. Nearness - Joshua Redman & Brad Mehldau
  2. Vikings - New Politics
  3. New Politics - New Politics
  4. Sorcerer - Miles Davis
  5. Nerfititi - Miles Davis
  6. Filles de Kilimanjaro - Miles Davis
  7. The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions - Miles Davis
  8. The Storm - Tech N9ne
  9. Nonagon Infinity - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
  10. 10 Ways To Steal Home Plate - Wolfgang Gartner
  11. American IV: The Man Comes Around - Johnny Cash
  12. Trans Europe Express - Kraftwerk
  13. Elvis Presley - Elvis
  14. The College Dropout - Kanye West
  15. Late Registration - Kanye West
  16. Head Hunters - Herbie Hancock
  17. A Love Supreme - John Coltrane
  18. La La Land - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  19. Naught - Stolen Babies
  20. It Flew By - Electric Swing Circus
  21. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Kanye West
  22. Sunday at the Village Vanguard - Bill Evans Trio
  23. Reset - Flying Lotus
  24. Chulahoma- The Black Keys
  25. Graduation - Kanye West
  26. Sketches of Spain - Miles Davis
  27. Disc-Overy - Tinie Tempah
  28. For Lack of a Better Name - deadmau5
  29. BLVCK MVGIC - Kill the Noise
  30. To Pimp A Butterfly - Kendrick Lamar
  31. Yeezus - Kanye West
  32. Giant Steps - John Coltrane
  33. Be Here Now - Oasis
  34. Portrait in Jazz - Bill Evans Trio
  35. Thrust - Herbie Hancock
  36. Escape from Electric Mountain - Feed Me
  37. Watch the Throne - Jay-Z/Kanye West
  38. Animals - Pink Floyd
  39. Time Out - The Dave Brubeck Quartet
  40. Slipknot - Slipknot
  41. The Good, The Bad and The Queen - The Good, The Bad and The Queen
  42. High Visceral, Pt 1 - Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
  43. Roosevelt - Roosevelt
  44. Collide - Colleen D'agostino
  45. Human - Rag n Bone Man
  46. Float Along-Fill Your Lungs - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
  47. Heathen Chemistry - Oasis
  48. The Fall - Gorillaz
  49. Lucid Dreams - Antiloops
  50. Random Album Title - deadmau5
  51. Iowa - Slipknot
  52. Under Stars - Amy MacDonald
  53. Live Life Living - Example
  54. Dumb Blood - VANT
  55. A Bad Girl in Harlem - New Politics
  56. Human After All - Daft Punk
  57. Once - Nightwish
  58. Drunk - Thundercat
  59. Idle Moments - Grant Green
  60. Flying Microtonal Banana - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
  61. Pure Heroine - Lorde
  62. Country for Old Men - John Schofield
  63. Divide - Ed Sheeran
  64. Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses - Slipknot
  65. Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against the Machine
  66. Opus Eponymous - Ghost
  67. I See You - The xx
  68. Different Creatures - Circa Waves
  69. The Evolution of Man - Example
  70. Stuff I used to do - deadmau5
  71. The New Vice - Otherkin
  72. Channel The Spirits - The Comet is Coming
  73. All Hope is Gone - Slipknot
  74. Dark Passion Play - Nightwish
  75. Infestissumam - Ghost
  76. Everything's Beautiful - Robert GlaspeMiles Davis
  77. Pattern + Grid World - Flying Lotus
  78. Ascension: Edition I - John Coltrane
  79. Jazz Samba - Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd
  80. Midnight Menu - TOKiMONSTA
  81. Study Guide - Question and Freddie Joachim
  82. Don't You Wanna - The Amazons
  83. Imaginaerum - Nightwish
  84. Born To Die - Lana Del Rey
  85. A/B - Kaleo
  86. Young Blindness - The Murlocs
  87. Rough Cuts - Parov Stelar
  88. Don't Believe The Truth - Oasis
  89. The 201 - Otherkin
  90. Led Zeppelin- Led Zeppelin
  91. Zawadi - Kimyan Law
  92. Settle - Disclosure
  93. Perceptions of Pacha - Goldfish
  94. To The Stars - Feed Me
  95. Playing in the Shadows - Example
  96. Introducing Christian Scott - Christian Scott
  97. The Balcony - Catfish and the Bottlemen
  98. 808s and Heartbreak - Kanye West
  99. The Velvet Underground & Nico - The Velvet Underground and Nico
  100. Weather Report - Weather Report
  101. 2112 - Rush
  102. The Day is My Enemy - The Prodigy
  103. Meliora - Ghost
  104. Venice - Anderson Paak
  105. Until The Quiet Comes - Flying Lotus
  106. Monk's Dream - Thelonious Monk
  107. Cosmic Intoxication - TOKiMONSTA
  108. xx - The xx
  109. Skin - Flume
  110. DAMN. - Kendrick Lamar
  111. Angels Fall First - Nightwish
  112. Roots and Herbs - Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers
  113. This is the Life - Amy MacDonald
  114. Everyday Robots - Damon Albarn
  115. Melt Yourself Down - Melt Yourself Down
  116. Sub Focus - Sub Focus
  117. Los Angeles - Flying Lotus
  118. Oceanborn- Nightwish
  119. The Burning Spider - Parov Stelar
  120. 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours - Green Day
  121. Last Evenings on Earth - Melt Yourself Down
  122. Split the Atom - Nosia
  123. Cult Drugs - Blood Command
  124. Led Zeppelin II - Led Zeppelin
  125. Humanz - Gorillaz
  126. ROCKISDEAD - Dorothy
  127. Bishop Briggs - Bishop Briggs
  128. Sophisticated Ignorance - Kronic
  129. Out of the Pit - Kobra and the Lotus
  130. Lazers Not Included - Wilkinson
  131. Prophecy - The Comet is Coming
  132. Century Child - Nightwish
  133. Black Focus - Yussef Kamaal
  134. Dig Out Your Soul - Oasis
  135. Time Machine - The Tazers
  136. Wish I Had An Angel - Nightwish
  137. Memories...Do Not Open - The Chainsmokers
  138. Money Sucks, Friends Rule - Dillon Francis
  139. Five Inches of a Car Accident - Blood Command
  140. Desiderium - TOKiMONSTA
  141. Mister Asylum - Highly Suspect
  142. Get Busy Living - Goldfish
  143. House of Gold & Bones Pt 1 - Stone Sour
  144. Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future - Underworld
  145. Blue and Lonesome - The Rolling Stones
  146. III - Moderat
  147. Smokin' At The Half Note - Wynton Kelly Trio and Wes Montgomery
  148. Blue Train - John Coltrane Sextet
  149. Willoughby's Beach - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
  150. Modern Life is Rubbish - Blur
  151. channel ORANGE - Frank Ocean
  152. The Life of Pablo - Kanye West
  154. The Unforgiving - Within Temptation
  155. Currents - Lux Pacific
  156. Amaranthe - Amaranthe
  157. Evil Empire - Rage Against the Machine
  158. Kobra and the Lotus - Kobra and the Lotus
  159. Ascension: Edition II - John Coltrane
  160. Polygon - Battle Tapes
  161. 12 Bar Bruise - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
  162. Red Light Fix - The Dirty Youth
  163. The Invisible Girl - Parov Stelar
  164. You’re Invited - Gavin Turek & TOKiMONSTA
  165. Paradise - Lana Del Rey
  166. Canvas - Robert Glasper
  167. Ghostclocks - Blood Command
  168. Hypnotic - Wilkinson
  169. Spectrum - Billy Cobham
  170. The Amazons - The Amazons
  171. Lonerism- Tame Impala
  172. Exchange - The JuJu
  173. Ah Um - Charles Mingus
  174. Fanfares - GoGo Penguin
  175. House of Gold & Bones Pt 2 - Stone Sour
  176. Torus - Sub Focus
  177. Love in the 4th Dimension - The Big Moon
  178. Everybody Digs Bill Evans - Bill Evans Trio
  179. Arcade Fire (EP) - Arcade Fire
  180. Radio Moscow - Radio Moscow
  181. The Ride - Catfish and the Bottlemen
  182. Chapter 7 - Ezra Collective
  183. End of an Era - Nightwish
  184. All Killer, No Filler - Sum 41
  185. Exit Planet Dust - The Chemical Brothers
  186. Sound of Silver - LCD Soundsystem
  187. We're All Mad Here - Tut Tut Child
  188. Feed Me's Family Reunion- Feed Me
  189. The Black Halo - Kamelot
  190. Chuck - Chuck Berry
  191. Songs for the Deaf - Queens of the Stone Age
  192. I LOVE JAN LUNDGREN TRIO - Jan Lundgren Trio
  193. Enema of the State - blink-182
  194. Hard Normal Daddy - Squarepusher
  195. Are You Satisfied? - Slaves
  196. If You Have Ghost - Ghost
  197. High Priestess - Kobra and the Lotus
  198. How Did We Get So Dark? - Royal Blood
  199. Melodrama - Lorde
  200. Slowdive - Slowdive
  201. Young Chasers - Circa Waves
  202. Different Gear, Still Speeding - Beady Eye
  203. If You Wait - London Grammar
  204. The English Riviera - Metronomy
  205. Malibu - Anderson Paak
  206. In Utero - Nirvana
  207. Starfucker - STRFKR
  208. Nubya's 5ive - Nubya Garcia
  209. Gravity X - Truckfighters
  210. Oddments - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
  211. On The Corner - Miles Davis
  212. Moanin' - Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers
  213. Animalia- Mammal Hands
  214. Space is the Place - Sun Ra
  215. Coexist - The xx
  216. Rumours - Fleetwood Mac
  217. Death to the Planet - The Comet is Coming
  218. Does This Look Infected? - Sum 41
  219. In Search Of... - N.E.R.D
  220. Somewhere in Between - Braxton Cook
  221. Welcome Reality - Nero
  222. Design Your Universe - Epica
  223. Mars Red Sky - Mars Red Sky
  224. Box of Secrets - Blood Red Shoes
  225. Spiritual Unity - Albert Ayler
  226. An Awesome Wave - alt-J
  227. The Boy Who Died Wolf - Highly Suspect
  228. Maybes - Mount Kimbie
  229. Sketch on Glass - Mount Kimbie
  230. New Eyes - Clean Bandit
  231. Every Valley - Public Service Broadcasting
  232. Theatre of Dimensions- Xandria
  233. Music For An Accelerated Culture - Hadouken!
  234. Diaspora - Christian Scott
  235. Feed Me’s Psychedelic Journey - Feed Me
  236. Extended Play - Baby Strange
  237. The Shadow Self - Tarja
  238. Keep Moving On - Friends In Tokyo
  239. Wisdom of Elders - Shabaka and the Ancestors
  240. I Sing The Body Electric - Weather Report
  241. Sold Out - DJ Paypal
  242. The Nothing - The Last Dinosaur
  243. XIII - Mushroomhead
  244. Dig Your Own Hole - The Chemical Brothers
  245. Saint Cecilia - Foo Fighters
  246. Prohibition Swing - Lyre Le Temps
  247. Random Access Memories - Daft Punk
  248. White Noise - The Living End
  249. Eye To The Telescope - KT Tunstall
  250. The Shape of Jazz To Come - Ornette Coleman
  251. The Bones Of What You Believe - CHVRCHES
  252. Loopholes - The Murlocs
  253. Toys - Crewdson
  254. Form - Battle Tapes
  255. Paper Mâché Dream Balloon - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
  256. Led Zeppelin III - Led Zeppelin
  257. Coeur Calme- Kimyan Law
  258. Cosmogramma - Flying Lotus
  259. Know No Better - Major Lazer
  260. Superunknown - Soundgarden
  261. Prevail I - Kobra and the Lotus
  262. Miles Davis and Milt Jackson Quintet/Sextet - Miles Davis & Milt Jackson
  263. Dim Lit - Polar Bear
  265. Miles Davis And Horns - Miles Davis
  266. Pip Paine (Pay The £5000 You Owe) - Metronomy
  267. Born For This - 7kingz
  268. Dedication: The Start - 7kingz
  269. Dedication: The Finish - 7kingz
  270. After Laughter - Paramore
  271. Endless Forms Most Beautiful - Nightwish
  272. Overly Dedicated- Kendrick Lamar
  273. The Silent Force - Within Temptation
  274. Go Plastic - Squarepusher
  275. Royal Deluxe - Royal Deluxe
  276. Straight Outta Burbank - Stone Sour
  277. Cult of the New Beat - Blood Command
  278. Make Rock Great Again - Kaiser Franz Josef
  279. Midnight Cometh - Wo Fat
  280. Phi - Truckfighters
  281. Hacktivist - Hacktivist
  282. Enter - Within Temptation
  283. The Beyond/Where The Giants Roam - Thundercat
  284. Devil Electric - Devil Electric
  285. Sketches of Brunswick East - King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard/Mild High Club
  286. … For The Whole World To See - Death
  287. The New Sounds - Miles Davis
  288. Demonstration - Tinie Tempah
  289. The Way of the Fist - Five Finger Death Punch
  290. Together, As One - Dinosaur
  291. God Save the Teen - Strange Bones
  292. The Quantum Enigma - Epica
  293. Stone Sour - Stone Sour
  294. We The Rats - Strange Bones
  295. In A Silent Way - Miles Davis
  296. One Day As A Lion EP - One Day As A Lion
  297. Mother Earth - Within Temptation
  298. Sun Giant - Fleet Foxes
  299. She’s Here Now - Estrons
  300. Experience - The Prodigy
  301. Maiden Voyage - Herbie Hancock
  302. Headspin - Black Honey
  303. Music is Rotted One Note - Squarepusher
  304. color & monochrome - bohemianvoodoo/Fox Capture Plan
  305. Ouroboros - Ruby the Hatchet
  306. Call Him A Doctor - GFOTY
  307. Section 80 - Kendrick Lamar
  308. Falling Into Pieces - Black Casino and the Ghost
  309. Born For This - Royal Deluxe
  310. Whip It On - The Ravonettes
  311. How to be a Human Being - Glass Animals
  312. Concrete and Gold - Foo Fighters
  313. Mania - Truckfighters
  314. Please Please Me - The Beatles
  315. Night Lights - Gerry Mulligan Sextet
  316. Nuclear Blast (Bonus) - Nightwish
  317. Hand Us The Alpha Male - Blood Command
  318. Legendary EP - Welshly Arms
  319. War is the Answer - Five Finger Death Punch
  320. Save Yourself - SBTRKT
  321. Gold Dust - The Dirty Youth
  322. AVĪCI (01) - Avicii
  323. The Holographic Principle - Epica
  324. Richard D. James Album - Aphex Twin
  325. Budakhan Mindphone - Squarepusher
  326. Come What(ever) May - Stone Sour
  327. color & monochrome 2 - bohemianvoodoo/Fox Capture Plan
  328. The Heart of Everything- Within Temptation
  329. What Am I Going To Do With Everything I Know? - The Weather Station
  330. Gang Signs and Prayer - Stormzy
  331. Wild Honey - The Beach Boys
  332. XX - Dawnbringer
  333. Prophets of Rage - Prophets of Rage
  334. Time and Space - Moses Boyd
  335. Companion - Braids
  336. Hailey Tuck - Hailey Tuck
  337. Halestorm - Halestorm
  338. Voodoo Swing - The Vaude Villainz
  339. Boiling Point - Tech N9ne
  340. Join the Q - The Qemists
  341. As You Were - Liam Gallagher
  342. Heliocentrics x GLK - Heliocentrics/Gaslamp Killer
  343. Harmony of Difference - Kamasi Washington
  344. Cardinal - Pinegrove
  345. EP - BARTEK
  346. Konnichiwa - Skepta
  347. The Decline of British Sea Power - British Sea Power
  348. Swagger - Flogging Molly
  349. The Decline - NOFX
  350. Hydra - Within Temptation
  351. In A Beautiful Place Out in the Country - Boards of Canada
  352. Popestar - Ghost
  353. A Giant Warrior Descends on Tokyo - Feed Me
  354. Snake EP - P Money
  355. Foo Fighters - Foo Fighters
  356. Lost in Translation - New Politics
  357. The Social Network - Trent ReznoAtticus Ross
  358. Frost/Nixon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Hans Zimmer
  359. Party All the Way to the Hospital - Blood Command
  360. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (Original Score) - Tyler Bates
  361. No Roots - Alice Merton
  362. Audio Secrecy - Stone Sour
  363. Dunkirk (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Hans Zimmer
  364. USS (Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) - New World Alphabet
  365. Kind of Blue - Miles Davis
  366. Back to the Future - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
  367. Danger Twins - Danger Twins
  368. For The Masses - Hadouken!
  369. S/T - Gost
  370. Toys - Broken & Remixed - Crewdson
  371. Muscle Museum - Muse
  372. Covers EP - Welshy Arms
  373. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds - Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
  374. The Storm - ZZ Ward
  375. Til The Casket Drops - ZZ Ward
  376. Lun - Destiny Potato
  377. Dual - Sampha
  378. Snake EP 2 - P Money
  379. Toxicity - System of a Down
  380. 13 Voices - Sum 41
  381. Uh Huh - Danger Twins
  382. Idiom - Joe Armon-Jones/Maxwell Owin
  383. Valley of the Snake - Ruby The Hatchet
  384. Petals - Darlia
  385. No Bullshit - Avelino
  386. So In Love - Hailey Tuck
  387. OK - Otherkin
  388. Lazy Afternoon - Zara McFarlane
  389. Go Away EP - Milk Teeth
  390. Encore - DJ Snake
  391. Quiet Things - Colleen D’Agostino
  392. I’m In Your Mind Fuzz - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
  393. No Sleep EP - K2 World/Sir Spyro
  394. Pandora’s Piñata - Diablo Swing Orchestra
  395. Villains - Queens of the Stone Age
  396. Health - Alpha Male Tea Party
  397. Elephant - The White Stripes
  398. No Talk EP - Capo Lee
  399. Fly 4 Life - Route 94
  400. Have Yourself A Very KT Christmas - KT Tunstall
  401. Hydrograd - Stone Sour
  402. Talk Like Thunder - VANT
  403. Sad Sack - Milk Teeth
  404. Everyday is Christmas - Sia
  406. Twelve Tales of Christmas - Tom Chaplin
  407. A Very Decent Christmas - Mad Decent
  408. Pacifisticuffs - Diablo Swing Orchestra
  409. Christmas at the Piano - Kevin Duncan
  410. Dead Sara - Dead Sara
  411. Winter Fantasy - David Arkenstone/Charlee Brooks
  412. Carols from Kings - The Choir of Kings College, Cambridge
  413. Christmas in Blue - Sam Sparro
  414. Misunderstood - Route 94
  415. Delancey Street - Hailey Tuck
  416. Feed Me’s Existential Crisis - Feed Me
  417. Ceremony and Devotion - Ghost
  418. The Classic Christmas Album - Andy Williams
  419. The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets - Marmozets
  420. A Very Very Decent Christmas - Mad Decent
  421. Wrapped in Red - Kelly Clarkson
  422. Merry Christmas - Mariah Carey
  423. Merry Christmas Everyone - Shakin’ Stevens
  424. Christmas - Michael Bublé
  425. Funeral Beach - Blood Command
  426. Every Weekend - Hadouken!
  427. Dookie - Green Day
  428. Opus Mar - Sumo Cyco
  429. Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned - The Prodigy
  430. No Grave But The Sea - Alestorm
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English in a Minute: Treat Him WIth Kid Gloves - YouTube

What would you think if someone told you not to break the bank? Watch this program and discover the meaning of this phrase in American English. Only for pers... Has somebody ever said to you "It's been ages" since we have seen each other? Watch this program to find out what this phrase means in American English. Only... Originally published at - What does "treat him with kid gloves" mean in American English? Watch this program to find out the meaning of this phrase in American English. Only for perso... Binion’s Casino Shift Manager Ron has a rough couple of days when Cowgirl Jana shows a severe lack of respect for the rules. Forced to intervene, Glenn gives... video, sharing, camera phone, video phone, free, upload Have you ever heard someone say it is raining cats and dogs? Watch this program and find out what this phrase means in American English. Only for personal pr... As always, thanks for watching! SUBSCRIBE TO MY SECOND CHANNEL NOW! Turn on post notifications to al... This video is dedicated to my AWESOME 5,000+ subscribers! The BIGGEST Jackpot on YouTube caught LIVE for $20/spin on Double Diamond Deluxe! This video was sh... Watch this program to find out what this phrase means in American English.Only for personal practicing english with VOA Learning EnglishHave fun everyday wit...